Simple Methods To Make Viral Post

Have you ever wonder on this issue about “how to make viral post”? I am … There are a lot of practical tips that already written about this topic on the net.

Before we go far on this, let me share you my reason … What I believe every one (every blogger) can do this. Yes, what makes different is just the methods. I like to share the methods here in this article. The methods that I’ve learned from the first time I built notordinaryblogger.

What expert said?

As I previously mentioned on the first paragraph … “There are a lot of practical tips that already written about this topic on the net”. Remember on what I have written about stand-out article online? This has connection with ‘the viral post’. Let’s take a look on some experts view about it.

  1. Greg Digneo of Cloud Marketing Labs which published on
  2. Neil Patel of QuickSprout
  3. Scott Dudley of the LoCostMarketing which published on

So what’s the big picture about it?

There is a method we can use to make a viral post. Related to the experts view above which were gave me a huge impact? There were three tips that really works for me:


A good title will attract visitor whether they come from facebook, twitter, linkedin, comment luv link or search engine.

The practical tips about title that make it goes viral, on my experience is choose a title that consist of solution. If you have this one, that’s enough.

Stand-out article

It’s all up to you on what you call it … killer content, stand-out article or whatever it is. There are three good combination you can use to make a stand-out article right away ; research, quote on experts statement, and proof.

Cooperate with Other bloggers

There are many form of cooperation you can have with other bloggers.

“Greg Digneo suggest to find blog post to submit guest posts to and email bloggers”

“Neil Patel suggest to allow professionals to rewrite your headline”

“Scott Dudley suggest to connect with as many people in your niche as possible and share other people content if it is worthy”

What I have done are online blog interview, ask the readers, and mention the A-list bloggers. I could have some extra “viral post” signs by doing one of the alternatives above.

Initiate an online blog interview has the same effect with mention the A-list bloggers. In this way you mention them on your post. And I would say, online blog interview better than the latter.

Do you know why?

In online blog interview, interviewees (influential people on the net) have bigger portion in free publicity. All your post will consist on how they manage success on certain things around, you have wide opportunity to promote them to the public. Who wouldn’t like free publicity anyway?

They’ll like it, thus there is a big chance they’ll share your interview result to their followers, subscribers, fanpages, etc. While mentioning A-list bloggers on your post won’t give you any guarantee they’ll come and say hello moreover to share your posts … they just don’t. They’ll too busy too do that.

Ask the readers

On last thing I would not like to miss is ask the readers to make your post goes viral. Put your request on the last sentence of the post. Sounds not to important, but readers will remember your last words. If the last thing they remember is your asking for help … and they like what you’ve written, they’ll do what you need.

It’s hard to explain it. They just do.

What’s fit on you? You should give it a try and evaluate it.


That was it?? I am afraid not. There are two important factors you need to understand about having a viral post.

What’s your aim on it?

… and what’s your efforts to achieve it?

Making a viral post is getting though these days because of the crowded niche. You need to be more active to make it happens.

Your post is your stuff, goes viral is your aim. To reach your aim you need to sell it, sell your post the right way. Sell it on social networks.

Don’t just stop and wait your post going to viral after making a killer content, great title article, etc. To optimize you “viral post” don’t forget content marketing.

Do your marketing, build your online relationship first and slowly sell your post. It going to take you some time but once you made it then it’s not just about viral post ….  it’s bigger than that …. it’s your way to online credibility.

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If you like this post, why don’t you make it goes viral? So more people will be able to take the value of it. And please don’t be hesitated to leave feedback toward simple methods to make  viral post.

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