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How Fresh Content Can Influence Ranking


Fresh content can influence ranking? Really?

I think many bloggers will agree that Google like fresh content from blogs. One question pop-up toward this fact is whether the fresh content will affect the SERPs, pagerank or even alexa rank? May be it’s too soon to give a conclusion toward the three aspects because Google highly focused on “content quality” to decide SERPs today.

In related to blog performances, some indicators like pagerank and alexa rank are often used by the webmasters. Thus, this post will discuss  about it. How fresh content can influence rankings (SERPs, PageRank and Alexa Rank).

Fresh ContentFresh Content

How Fresh Content Influence Google SERPs

There is statement that posting everyday will increase blog’s Google SERPs. This statement has refuted by Matt Cutts (Head of the webspam team at Google). He said that Google accentuate more on quality content to decide the SERPs.

Matt added that webmaster should focus more on preparing quality content that is valuable to readers, though it takes much of the time, than publish a post for the sake of updating without concern on the quality.

Giving more attention on quality content is crucial for those who manage a blog with business intention in it. Quality is closely related to loyalty. If you provide quality content, readers or clients will give their loyalty to you.

Is that it?

Quality content is not the only thing to influence SERPs. The number of contents with various keywords will play important role in giving you better SERPs. Your ability to capture profitable keywords will also boost your way to better SERPs.

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How Fresh Content Influence Alexa Rank

Alexa rank has different ways of work from Google. Alexa will rank a website through several factors like content updates, number of visitors, page view, visitors activities, and more. Despite the weakness of alexa rank posses, this rank still important aspect to some extent.

Alexa count more value to content updates thus the more updates you made on the blog, chance is your blog will have better alexa rank. Like it or not this is probably true.

I have witness some blogs has alexa rank decreased after long time hasn’t update content within the blog. If you care much on your alexa rank, you need to consider how to write 500 words blog post in 5 minutes and maintain its quality.

The Most Important One

Actually, the most important part on having fresh content in our blog is that fresh content can influence our audiences.

Can you imagine if your blog don’t have audiences? You will quit blogging for sure.

If you have constant 1000 daily readers where 75% of them are returning visitors, then I believe you have successfully managed to publish SEO friendly, fresh and quality content periodically.

Returning visitors are precious because they are trust your blog as a source of information worth the time to visit. Failing them by not giving fresh content on regular basis will hurt the trust and make your blog loose the traffic it deserves.

Is “fresh content” important?

If we talk about SEO, it is important but not the ultimate reason for publishing new post. There are three more important factors that can’t be overlooked such as quality, keyword competition and value.

Your consistency in building a blog through proper keyword selection, quality post and valuable information is good shortcut to better rankings. So what do you think? How fresh content can influence rankings?