Make Money from Blog : October 2012 Report


It’s November now …. that’s mean the time for October report. I personally enjoy the reports because it’s not just telling you the data but it’s also my personal evaluation too.

We have more engagement through social media particularly facebook and linkedin within the month. It’s not a new thing anyway because we use our own services “social signal marketing” as content marketing in our blog content within the two platform.

What about adfly? We still in pursue to make a withdrawal within a weeks, that means we need to reach 5000 clicks on adfly links implemented here within the period. A week is our initial target, the next of course, as soon as possible.

It’s seems that the amount of content affect the adfly income. With the existing frequency (once or maybe twice a week for english post) we have manage a stable income from adfly which is above 400 clicks a month equivalent to estimation $ 0.5. Looking at 5000 click as target, there is a lot of work we need to do.

As a way of make money online, adfly is just one of many ways we do. That’s why we still keep adfly reports in the monthly reports. We like to share how to increase your adfly income within your blog while keep your credibility as bloggers.

Here’s what you’ll get in this monthly reports:

What’s new in notordinaryblogger, article social signal reports, traffic reports, social signal marketing income reports and finally adfly reports.

Ok now … let’s start the reports.

What’s New Here?

New Page : Write for Us

Guest writing is a beneficial activity for bloggers or business people. You’ll get your networks and credibility from it.

We have officially accept guest writer now. We have published rules and guidance to be accepted as our guest writer. If any of you interested to be one of our guest writer then feel free to submit your draft to us. We like to read your submission 😀

Submit your draft articles here

Social Signal Reports

In October 2012 we have published 5 English articles and 2 Indonesian articles. The social signals of those articles are as follows :

# Articles in English

1. Make Money from Blog : September 2012 Report

This post was published on 3 October 2012. Until the end of the month it gained 80 fb like, 6 g+ , 3 tweet, 2 inshare and 1 stumble

2. How to Make 28 Sales from Hostgator Affiliate Marketing?

This post was published on 9 October 2012. Until the end of the month it gained 137 fb like, 8 g+, 1 tweet, and 50 inshare

3. How to Create New Posts that Bring Traffic into Your Blog Even Though You Don’t Have Subscribers Yet

This post was published on 15 October 2012. Until the end of the month it gained 94 fb like, 8 g+  and 18 inshare

4. How to Boost Traffic Blog Through Blog Commenting

This post was published on 19 October 2012. Until the end of the month it gained 85 fb like, 10 g+  and 47 inshare

5. How Consumer Psychology Can Help You Increase Returning Visitors to Your Blog?

This post was published on 24 October 2012. Until the end of the month it gained 104 fb like, 4 g+, 3 tweet, and 62 inshare

Take a look on articles in English

# Article in Indonesia

1. Mencari Uang dari Blog : Laporan NotOrdinaryBlogger bulan September 2012

This post was published on 1 October 2012. Until the end of the month it gained 47 fb like.

2. Cara Menambah Traffic Blog dengan Berkomentar di Blog Lain

This post was published on 8 October 2012. Until the end of the month it gained 34 fb like and1 tweet.

3. Bagaimana Cara Mendapatkan 28 Penjualan Marketing Affiliasi yang Senilai $2,000 ?

This post was published on 11 October 2012. Until the end of the month it gained 6 fb like, 2 g+, 2 tweet, and 8 inshare

Take a look on articles in Indonesia

Traffic Reports

I will not talk much in here. Just like to share my reports (let’s the picture speak by itself J )

Total Traffic Overview

Traffic Source

Traffic Comparison (October vs September)

We are happy to know the traffic increases. We like to thank you to all visitors trust within our content updates.

We personally like to thank to top referral blogs as follow :


Social media that gives traffic to this blog :


What is our guidance to increase the traffics?

We have used all the tips mentioned in this blog, here are some refreshment for your traffic generation strategies:

Content Creation :
Keyword Density : Friend or Foe?
5 Simple Tips to Survive Google Updates Forever
3 Simple Ways a Begginer Can Make a Stand-Out Article Online Right Away
Simple Methods to Make a Viral Posts

Social Media Engagement:
How to Embrace Social Media for Your Business
Achieving Social Signals? Why You Should Try It

Audience Engagement :
8 Traffic Generation Strategies
How to Create New Posts that Bring Traffic to Your Blog
How to Boost Traffic Blog Through Blog Commenting
How Consumer Psychology Can Help You Increase Returning Visitors to Your Blog Even Though You Don’t Have Subscribers Yet

Overcome Writers Block :
When Writer’s Block Coming to You
Vacation for a Writer : Why You Should Take It

Social Marketing Income Reports

During October 2012, we have 10 clients for our services which 3 of them are repeated costumers. We are glad with our costumer satisfaction from our services. This mean the blog generate extra $50 from social signal marketing services.

Take a look on our services

Adfly Income Report

Adfly is one of many ways we use to generate income. We have dropped income for this month … looks like there going to be a lot of hard works a head to increase the income from this platform.

Here is our October 2012 adfly report

As you can see there is a drop of number of clicks since October 18 where we only managed to get 10 clicks per day.

Take a look on adfly

What Lessons You Can Learned?

Build trust through networking is important for this blog. It’s affect the sales of the services and the growth of the audiences.

To achieve those trust you can emphasize in two things :

  1. Content Quality
  2. Blog Commenting Quality

Content quality is highly important as sales page in your blog. As a sales page in nature it’s not always about selling stuff and getting profits it can also means delivering your message to your audiences. At this point content quality plays it’s unique role.

Blog commenting is the easiest network building strategy. In purpose to achieve the most advantage you can get from blog commenting you can focus more on quality of your comments instead to do it massively around the net.

May be you like to read our previous monthly reports :
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How is Your Blog Progress?

That’s notordinaryblogger monthly report for October. Feel free to share your opinion about it. If you like to why don’t you share us what’s your blog target last month and how was it? We love to hear your experiences 😀

  1. Hey bro,
    Thanks for sharing this with us. You are really putting in quite impressive effort
    BTW, I’d like to be one of your social signal clients this month. 😉
    Enstine recently posted..The Big “T” Of Niche Marketing SuccessMy Profile

    • Okto

      Hi Enstine,

      Glad to hear you have some value from our reports. Client? We are more than happy to serve our costumers, please drop you request :)

  2. Hey Okto,

    You are soo open to the world that you directly publish your statistics over the Internet! :-) :-) I am sure that you will have a great success in the blogging world! :-)
    Zainil recently posted..Techie Gift Ideas for Your Beloved OnesMy Profile

    • Okto

      Hi Zainil,

      Thanks so much for your support, that means a lot to us. I think every bloggers has the potential to be success … it’s just a matter of hard works, good plan and time.

      Once again thanks for your support my friend :)

  3. Thanks for sharing October’s report Okto. Well, the quality of the content plays a big role in getting good SEO ranking or getting readers in it. Same for blog commenting! I really hate to see comments on my blog like “Great post” or “Thanks for sharing” etc.

    Well, Glad to see my blog in your referral blogs list.
    Ehsan Ullah recently posted..Why Do Bloggers Fail? Learning From Other’s MistakesMy Profile

    • Okto

      Hi Ehsan,
      Yup that’s really true. Many people have known that blog commenting is a great way to build a network, it’s simple and easy. But the amount of blogs have made many overlook the value on their comments.

      We just need a plan for it, put every value every time we leave comments and wait for the good result :)

      Referral ? …. No, my friend, I thank you :D. It’s a lot of inspiration I can have reading your updates :)

      Thanks for your support

  4. very well written post okto. Why you don’t use adsense to monetize your blog? Is affiliate marketing better than adsensne?
    shakil recently posted..Inmica mail Review – Pros and Cons of inmica mailMy Profile

    • Okto

      Hi Shakil,
      Adsense? I was thinking of it but my request was never approved. Adsense vs affiliate marketing? It’s all depend on many aspect to decide which is the best in make you money. It must be best if we can combine it.

      Thanks for your feedback

  5. HI okto,

    Very inspirational post and i’ve motivated while reading your complete report. However you have done a great thing by posting the complete blogs traffic report which can inspire us to work hard and get serps traffic.

    Sarvesh recently posted..Why Simple & Short Video Promotion Will WinMy Profile

    • Okto

      Hi Sarvesh,
      Great to know that we can deliver inspiration for you.
      Yes hard work is the basic to get things done through our blogs.

      Thanks for visiting :)

  6. Hi Okto, Great report! keep your work up and you’ll get wherever you want to be. Thank you – Ferb
    Ferb recently posted..8 Effective Ways to Promote Your Twitter@Name for FreeMy Profile

    • Okto

      Hi Ferb,

      Thanks so much for the support :)

  7. Hi Okto,
    It’s great that this time your blog is accepting guest posts. I look forward to the next one actually! :)
    I’m not sure if I have read all the posts you summed up here, but I will really read all that I have missed and see if I can leave a nice comment. Wish you all the best!
    Felicia recently posted..Gambling-Addicted Nun Accused of Stealing $128k!My Profile

    • Okto

      Hi Felicia,
      Thanks for the support. Feel free to take your time reading all of it :).
      We love to read our submission 😀

      Wish you all the best too.

  8. Don

    Nice report with useful info. Thanks



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