Three Social Media Networks to Include In Your Online Campaign

Online CampaignSocial media platforms are slowly but surely becoming the back bone for future SEO practices. The release of Penguin 2.0 has proved once again that social signals are essential to promoting an online brand and that only SEO techniques are not enough to grow your online presence. In addition to this, brands should be present wherever audiences invest their time, attention and money. In other words, social media is important for two main reasons: it can attract traffic to a site, and it has the potential to increase sales. But with so many social media platforms around, how will you know which of them to choose? Here are three excellent social mediums that you should definitely include in your online campaign.

1.     Google Plus

If there was ever a social media platform designed with business in mind, it is Google Plus. It is the second largest social network, and it is also Google which makes it irresistible for SERPs. In addition to this, you can add the Google Authorship Mark-up for even more authority. Google authorship will become an essential parameter for search engine queries for various reasons. First of all, images accompanied by a small image of the author look better on SERPs, and they statistically receive more clicks. On the other hand, authors with prolific careers will slowly gain more credibility online, and their articles will rank better.

Considering that a blog section is essential for every business site, you will be able to attract more traffic using the authorship mark-up. Furthermore, Google plus also has a lot of interesting features like “Communities”, “Hangouts” and smart hash-tags that you should take advantage of. Everything you could have ever wished for is packed in a beautiful looking social network that will definitely have a promising future.

2.     Instragram

Instragram has become the rising star of social media and in the short time since it was purchased by Facebook it has managed to attract a decent amount of active users (over 100 million to be more exact). You might ask me why I chose to talk about Instagram and not Facebook, but the reasons are obvious. According to Instagram is one of the most powerful brand promoters, which uses visual techniques to attract followers.

In addition to the beautiful photos which you can customize (with the help of the various effects like Brannan or Lo-Fi), this social network has also recently added an option for uploading and editing 15 seconds videos. This feature is essential for businesses which want to show sneak-peaks of their products or a behind-the-scenes view of their company. Last but not least you can also create contests or scavenger hunts to increase your online presence.

3.     Pinterest

Pinterest is one of my favorite social media platforms, and this is probably also the reason why I have chosen to talk about it so much in the best. According to recent studies it is the best place for businesses to showcase their products. As a matter of fact, the vast majority of pinners are women between the age of 35-45 years who love shopping.

Many social media experts have said that pins which include price tags and sources are more likely to be repined or liked. From the marketer’s perspective, Pinterest is easy to use, accessible and visually delicious. As far as SEO is concerned, every pin can create a link back to your website. Nevertheless, you will have to approach your Pinterest strategy carefully, as it should not be all about your brand. The whole idea is to be sociable, to create a loyal community, and to curate as many interesting and relevant boards as you can.

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Anna Robeson is an expert when it comes to social media. As far as she is concerned, every social media platform can represent an opportunity for gaining more outreach. She supports the opinions of experienced bloggers when it comes to content marketing and social media awareness.


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