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3 Simple Ways a Begginer Can Make a Stand Out Article Online Right Away


3 Simple ways to make stand out article online is a good information for you who want to find alternative angle on your article making process.

Stand-out article is something that many bloggers wanted. Moreover if we are in the beggining phase of blogging, everything seems so far away to reach. You’ll never stop to try to be the best, I bet you do.

Is that wrong? Completely not. That’s good to know that you have the spirit to become a successful bloggers. And remember google like stand-out article so if you have many of these kind of articles you’ll reach authority blog’s sooner than you ever thought. Who knows 😀

You know my post titled “How to Success Guest Blogging : between Myth and Reality” that published recently was finished in January. What take it so long to go live?

I have made that draft few months ago but I delay to publish it because one important reasons. I need evidence. Evidence is the first clue. Let’s start the whole 3 simple ways to make stand-out article online.


It’s a common believe research is important, and so it is. Remember that a blog article is a written information that need to attract reader. Readers like a valuable information, thus the easiest way to add value into your article is be make sense, … provide enough data.

You need to make sure that the readers believe on what you have said. You don’t need to be experts, it’ll take some time to reach expertise, and to achieve your expertise sooner you can add proper data to support your opinion.

Readers like valuable information, they don’t want to waste their time reading an article. So make sure research is into your article making process.

Quote statement from the experts

There is a reason why there are begginers and experts on the net. The existence of those experts on the net is a particular advantage for begginer. You can learn from them, you can find inspiration, and the best part you can quote their statement to support what you are going to write.

Make Your Personal Experiment to Find Proof

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Back to the reason on how I made my post “How to Success Guest Blogging : between Myth and Reality”.

Some background on why I made this artcile was I wanted to provide valuable information for notordinaryblogger reader in a matter of guest blogging.

The challenge was …. there were already high quality article in the same topics out there, made by the experts. How can I, the new comer, compete? There is only one answer. I need proof.

People can’t deny proof, moreover if your proof is too good to be true then you are going to be popular online faster than you can imagine.

This phase has made me understand why John Morrow has published an articel which titled Why Post Less is Better. To post less doesn’t mean to write less, in my perception post less mean we have more time for something else. In this term, research and proof.

By posting less I found myself has plenty of time to make some experiment to find result. I need this result to support what I have been saying.

So within “How to Success Guest Blogging : between Myth and Reality” I hold myself to publish a few months ago until I have my guest article published in some of the high rank blog. All my patience is for one reason, I want proof to support what I have said on that article.

Your turn

My personal experience teach me that research, quote on experts statement, and proof are a killer combination to make a stand-out article on the net.

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Now, I like to hear your experience on 3 simple ways to make stand-out article online … why don’t you share it here with us, please leave your comments or experiences below 😀