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Using Technology To Increase Brand Awareness


BrandAwarenessThis guest post is by Matthew Brennan

It used to be that the majority of people watched the same television shows, read the same newspapers and listened to the same radio programs. There were only a few media options for them to partake in.

That’s no longer the case. With the Internet and modern technology, there’s any number of places after your potential customers’ attention.

Seven ways to take advantage of technology to improve brand awareness:

Mobile Responsive Design – Everybody’s walking around with a cell phone in their pocket. Some also have an iPad in their hand. The point is, that if they want to call your site up before they’re at home sitting in front of the computer, they can. A mobile responsive design ensures that they’ll get the same great experience on their phone that they would on a desktop. Mobile is a significant portion of just about anyone’s web traffic anymore. It’s important to keep this in mind.

A Strong Facebook Page For Your Company –Facebook is a great place for businesses – especially B2C businesses that can offer up visual posts. When you can post useful information that your customers are looking for, it’s easy to stay front of mind. This is a great place to link to blog posts, give short and useful tips and knowledge, and let people know other great industry sources that they could benefit from. This is a great place to truly become a useful resource. Having an active social presence can really help build trust and show customers that you’re truly open for business.

Creating An App For Your Business – Is there some kind of useful information that your company could provide? For instance, if you own a health club, could you provide workout routines for those who are on vacation or travel? If you owned a liquor store, could you offer wine and beer pairings? An app may be a great place to provide this type of useful information in a place where customers can easily access it.

Using Hashtags – Hashtags used to be solely for Twitter. Now they’re also for Facebook and Google Plus. What they do, is allow your posts to be searchable through that particular phrase. Using my example above, a health club owner could post something about #abworkouts to any of the above social media platforms, and it would be searchable by that phrase.

Listening To What People Say – You can set up Google alerts, and monitor Twitter for conversations occurring about your brand. That way, if you need to become an active participant, you’re right there and aware of the conversation. It’s a great way to show people that you care.

Taking Complete Advantage Of Google –Google authorship allows your blog posts to come up in search with your picture next to them, increasing click through rates. Google Plus is a great way to combine social and search efforts. There are so many Google products out there that can help you enhance your visibility. Make sure that you’re taking advantage.

Online Advertising –Online advertising is a great way to increase brand awareness. Pay per click campaigns give your business exposure in search. They’re a great way to increase the bottom line. Creating affiliate programs can help. Make sure that you’re not passing up opportunities to increase your bottom line here.

About guest blogger
Matthew Brennan is a marketing writer based in the Chicago area. He regularly writes about content marketing, blogging, and engaging with your audience. He has been published on ProBlogger, Soshable, and Business2Community. Connect with Matthew on his website,, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+.