How to Get Traffic from Facebook


facebook-logofacebook-logoSo you have decided to get traffic from facebook now? Before you get excited please do understand that facebook (or other social media platform) is “social” in nature. Thus it is important to emphasize engagement on it.

The amount of users has made social media become a lucrative space for many purposes. One of those purposes is getting traffic into one website. A latest trend has shown various online sellers promoting their websites using this platform with specific pages devoted to their products. Truth be told, the traffic which one generates from search engine is anticipated to be surpassed by the social networking sites like facebook or twitter. However then, not everyone is provided to harvest the profits offered by it. One ought to master the strategies which is a certain method for generating quality traffic from Facebook which offers a plenty of plausible outcomes required to be explored.

But then comes the real question. How to realize all the facebook traffic tips and theories? Below are some simple guidelines that I use to get traffic from facebook.

1. Facebook Profile is the Beginning

Your profile is what represents who you are as a company or individual on Facebook. Thus, it could either be your passage to success or your fastest route to disaster. It will all rely on how you provide your profile that would increase traffic to your blog.

The highlight here is to make your Facebook profile clear on its message. Make it easy for viewers to understand who you are and what you do or at least what you can offer from your existence with such profile. Make sure to put link on it so that viewers can easily click and take a visit through your profile.

The advantages of facebook profile is to show that you are real human. Not a bot or spam account or an account that solely exist to sell something. You are born to engage.

2. Create a Fanpage

I prefer a fanpage than a group. Creating a fanpage can make your fan focus on message you share through updates. There’s only two possibilities when you do this. First they get noticed on your latest information updates and second they click on those links if they are interested.

If they are not click on the link, you still got the advantage because your updates will appear on their wall too. This mean more exposure.

3. Provide Information And Updates on Your Fanpage

Aside from the opportunity to get individuals to like you, you would also want them to trust you. Thus, share a lot of important information on your Facebook fanpage while being careful to not give too much away. Just share all the basic information that will help potential viewers to get an idea of what is it and how they can benefit from it. If you run a website or blog, you can also link them to your Facebook fanpage to attract a lot of traffic to those sites.

4. Build Your Network

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Once you have finished all the administration processes, it is time to expand. You can then begin adding contact or friends to your Facebook relationship. You need to be wise when adding friends, though. Try to engage with individuals who share the same interest as the niche that you are trying to promote. Thus, it will be easier for them to convince adding you up and even make more business opportunities in the long run.

5. Update Periodically

It would be of no use to create your profile, fanpage, provide it with essential  information, then add some contacts into your relationship, then just leave it off. Facebook, and all other social networking platforms is a place to interact, socialize and build networks. Thus, it is impetus that you update your profile periodically to let people know about the newest information within your activity or the business as a whole. They’d appreciate you for it!

6. Create a Group or Join One

Starting a group on Facebook is also one of the popular trends and one that would ensure you lots of traffic. You can create a group about a specific niche and then invite people who might share the same interest. You can therefore use this place to promote your blog and other businesses, inform events that you are organizing, or let others notice about essential information about the niche. If you don’t have time to manage and nurture a group you can opt to join one you think match your interest then start engaging.

More Tips

The Facebook offers a long list of applications that are one of the few things that have made the site the most popular social networking site on the net. Thus, you can use this free tool and improve that intense level of traffic that they are making to your advantage. You need to be smart in selecting which apps could prove to be beneficial for you in some way. I don’t try too much on using facebook apps though, but I believe technology can bring more benefits if we use it correctly.

What’s Next?

How to test if above methods work for you? There’s two free tools we can use for comparison. Alexa metrics and Google Analytics.

Alexa metric has simple information on where your visitors are before they land on your site. Here’s a screenshot on it:

Alexa Metrics Facebook TrafficAlexa Metrics Facebook Traffic

The other free tool is Google Analytics. Through the traffic referral data we can simply know how many visit we get from facebook. Knowing this data can give us better social media strategy to do in the future. In the end, it will save our precious time to focus on what really work or at least to understand better on how to make it really work for our purpose.

Now what about you? Have you tried to get traffic from facebook? Please don’t hesitate to share your comments, expertise or experience.