Where to Spend Your Real World Advertising Budget in a Digital Age

Advertising budgetThis guest post is by Dynamic Gift

Nowadays all anybody in the advertising space is talking about is digital media. As everything has moved online so has the majority of corporate advertising budgets; though the sudden influx in this direction (and departure from traditional advertising methods) has opened the space up to anybody looking to really make a difference to their customers (and potential customers) by connecting with them on a deeper level.

The old saying goes; if anybody else zigs, zag. In this case, when all the other big corporations are moving the majority of their advertising budget online, you can make a huge impact when you instead decide to double down on real world advertising, proving to your customers that the personal touch is still alive and well.
Four ways, specifically, in which you can make the most of your real world advertising budget are:

1) Industry-Specific Promotional Items

It was common for many decades for companies to give away promotional items whenever they get a chance (and many still do), but oftentimes these items wouldn’t be remotely related to the product or service on offer, and therefore the item is seen as little more than a cheap gift.

However, when you give away industry-specific promotional items you have the strength of your niche on your side. In this manner you can give away:

  • Beach balls and towels if you’re a beachwear or surf shop,
  • Sun hats and cool drinks if you sell suncream,
  • Desk trinkets (a small calendar or pen pot) if you sell office furniture.

2) Large Advertising Banners

In spite of all the excitement about digital advertising and social media, when you’re at an outdoor event or on your local high street all you can see is what’s in front of you, and therefore if you have a shop or stall set up one of the best ways you can get attention is to really, really make yourself obvious.

This is achieved cost-effectively via means of large advertising banners. For added attention, consider advertising on feather flags, as these flags can’t help but grab the eyeballs of anybody walking past, especially when you line a number of them up around your shop or stall to draw attention from every direction.

3) Online Crossovers

Though you’re going to want to maximise your real world advertising budget, it’s entirely possible to allow both your real world and online budgets to work hand in hand to produce some pretty spectacular results.

These crossovers work very well when you place Twitter hashtags (a clickable word or phrase) on your real world advertising materials, such as your aforementioned promotional items or advertising banners. When your customers see these hashtags they will instantly know that they can follow in on a conversation happening on the popular social network, allowing you to speak with your customers directly.

4) Direct Mail Trinkets

Everybody thought that the internet and digital media would wipe out direct mail, but in reality it’s still going stronger than ever for those smart enough to still be utilising it.

Due to the majority of business to consumer communications happening online nowadays, your current and potential customers will be both shocked and very happy to receive something in the mail from you, even if it’s just a simple trinket alongside a sales letter. We, as human beings, still crave a human touch, despite the digital landscape that surrounds us.

In conclusion, nowadays all anybody in the advertising space is talking about is digital media, meaning you can make a huge impact when you instead decide to double down on real world advertising, perhaps by giving away industry-specific items, purchasing large advertising banners, doing seamless online crossovers, and mailing current and potential customers trinkets alongside a well-crafted sales letter.

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