Choosing the Best Free Blog Template for Business

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Choosing the best free blog template for business? Is that easy?

The best thing about free blog template is FREE. Well, that’s pretty clear I guess … :). Many people love freebies that’s why many people still use this template. With the advance of internet it’s not too hard to find this kind of template though. You can find a site easily to pick your free blog template as you desired.

Blog template is the picture of your existence in blogging. It can make a blog more attracting and assist you modify the physical looks. Thus the way you choose blog template can affect your visitors feel enjoying your blog content. The ultimate challenge when you search for free blog template is to choose the best one. It’s rather complicated when you are going to use this freebie for business purpose.

When you are at this situation, take these tips to choose the best one for your business

The Settings

The tools and settings will vary between blog templates; hence, you need to figure out the difference ones available before deciding your selection. Installing the correct template will make your business far easier in the long run. It will also make it simpler for your visitors, once in a while you will find if your blog is difficult to navigate your visitors won’t come back.

Clean Design

Free blog templates can also be simply combined with third-party ads code and widgets. But remember that a good blog, commonly, is clean and crisp. This is the best bet you can do in online business. If you want your viewers to pay attention on what you’re trying to deliver with your posts, don’t distract them with a various kinds of sparkly advertisements, counterproductive add-ons, and other useless widgets. Viewers of your blog will surely fond a clutter-free blog, which efficiently drives them to crucial information hassle-free.

Responsive Design

It’s hard to predict on what tools your visitors use to find our blog. What people see when using laptop may not be the same if using smartphones or tablets. Free blog template with responsive web design will help you with this issue. It will make sure your blog appearance not to get disorganized no matter what tools your viewers use to visit your blog.

SEO Friendly Blog Template

Many free blog templates nowadays are built SEO friendly. I personally don’t really understand why this really works. But I have witnessed that some blog template can start with lower alexa rank than the other. If you create SEO friendly content with this template you may also benefit from the search engine traffic.

Readable Font and Size

The downward of free blog templates is their restriction. Once in a while you may not able to modify font size easily. If this occur you have to do that manually using “the html code” on template editor.

Good Color Scheme

It is essential to have a clutter-free and clean blog yet you don’t have to bore your audiences with plain design. People may be attracted by the good color scheme and how easy they are to read. You need to spend enough time selecting the proper color for your blog. Combining a good color scheme may become a reason why your blog is memorable. However, avoid yourselves from using overbearing or flashy colors is best opt if you are not certain on what colors to use.

The Number of Built-in Gadgets or Widgets

Well  gadgets are known for blogger while widgets known for wordpress blog. The two have the same functions to put whatever it can to help you out. You can insert texts, images, codes and so on. Understand how many of these you can get from your chosen free blog template. The essential parts are the header, side-bar and footer of your template. Most people use it to display banner ad, business message, opt-in box and popular post. You are the boss to decide all of those things.

Why Your Business Need Free Blog Template?

People always need a time to think before they finally decide to buy certain products. Free blog template may give you a chance to test-drive a template until you really understand how a blog template can make your business stand-out the crowd.

In the end, it’s all yours to decide which free blog template best for your business. But if you like to try the free one, make sure to include these tips as your consideration.

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Are there missing tips to choose from the best free blog template for business?

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