How to Write 500 Words Blog Post in 5 Minutes

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Writing blog post is one of the main skills a blogger must have. Through this activity blogger can deliver the value of their written opinion to visitors around the net. Thus, knowing how to write blog post fast is important, especially when time is not your good friend.

Let’s to the point. I believe many of you only have short time to spend and your mind already full of idea to write for the next post. First thing first, when you like to master to write 500 words blog post in 5 minutes you need to realize the structure of a post.

Before you begin to write 500 words blog post make an outline first!


Outline is the first step of a good blog post. This outline will guide you easily to write 500 words blog post in 5 minutes without any obstacle.

This outline must contain the main topic, what to discuss in opening paragraph, what the main value of the post, and what to discuss in closing paragraph.

Once you have done with the outline, you are ready to write it. This outline can save you from any distraction because you can easily remember what to write by looking at it.

Now start writing it!

Opening Paragraph

A common blog post always contain 3 main structure namely opening, main point, and closing paragraph.

Opening paragraph can begin with many version starts from story, personal experience, analogy, personal opinion or even describing the problems at glance.

Write the opening for one or three paragraph. The easiest ways to use is by using personal opinion or experience and combine it with analogy. It is all yours to decide what kind of opening best to initiate your blog post.

Main Point

This part is what visitors looking for at your blog. This is where all the value comes in. In a way to save your own and your visitor precious time, best version to describe the main point is through bullets formatting.

Bullets formatting help visitors to digest the value fast and easy. This way, visitors will appreciate your taking time writing the post. In the end, you may see some “likes”, “tweet” or any social signals happening on the post.

Blogging is about helping other bloggers and how you describe the main points of a blog post prove it. Describe each point with one or two paragraph and you are good to go.

Closing Paragraph

The last part of a blog post is closing paragraph. As I said previously about the outline, as long as you have the outline you will do fine with this part. Focus on finishing your post as it is planned in the outline first and think about editing or perfecting it later.

Give a conclusion about the tips then tell them why you think your blog post useful.

How Long Do You Need to Write 500 Words Blog Post?

If you are new in blogging, the chance is you are going to take more times to finish a single post. Many bloggers quit in this phase because they feel they will never have the time for it.

The most crucial parts of these steps are outline. Before you start writing a blog post, make a habit to write outline first. When you have one, then you can start timing your way to finish the post.

The hardest part of finishing 500 words blog post in 5 minutes is describing the main points. At this part, it is normal for you spending more seconds than the other parts. This part is the real deal of a blog post. Your ability to craft the main points fast will develop as your blogging habit flow positively.

Well, this post is 600+ words now. I hope you enjoy the post.

Thanks for reading. Your turn, how long do you need to write 500 words blog post? Or what is the best tips that help you write 500 words blog post in 5 minutes?


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