10 Ways Bloggers Can Use Twitter


Twitter is a joy and useful methods to advertise your blog and generate traffic to it. While it might seem that micro-blogging through Twitter might just be a simple thing to do, you can really use Twitter to develop your blog. Remember, building networks is a key component of developing your blog, and Twitter is an useful tool for this purpose.

Take a look at the recommendations below for how bloggers can use Twitter to grow a blog.

Generate Traffic
Twitter has a viral promotion effect to it wherein your tweets could spread fast across the Twitter community if they are attractive. For instance, if you’re launching a new feature on your blog or hosting a contest, send a tweet to let your followers notice. Chances are they’ll distribute the information as well. As word spreads, more and more users will visit your blog to see what all the hype is about.

Connect with Like Minded People
Twitter is social media that will help users socialize. That’s the essence of social media anyway. Users will “follow” other users whose tweets they interest or enjoy. As such, they will able to network with like-minded people which could lead to large number of targeted traffic to your blog.

Build Business Contacts
Just as Twitter is useful networking tool for connecting like-minded people, it’s highly effective also with networking users with business contacts.

Whether you’re searching to hire expert to assist you with your blog or business (or both), seeking for a new job, or just looking to indulge creativity off your business peers, Twitter can ease your way.

Making You as An Expert
Twitter can assist your efforts to make yourself as an expert in your field or blogging niche to the online community. By socializing through tweets about subject-matter you’re interested in, responding inquiries via tweets, and looking out new contacts, your efforts to be noticed as an expert (which provides your blog greater appeal and credibility) will develop.

Generate Ideas for Blog Posts
If you’re facing a dry spell in terms of poping up with post ideas, Twitter can ease your creative juices flowing. Read and send some tweets and look what people are discussing about. Something you read is well-suited to spark a post idea or two to take you through a temporary state of blogger’s block.

Deliver Inquiries
Just as you might utilize Twitter to mark yourself as an expert in your field, other users use it for the same purpose. Don’t be shy to deliver inquiries. You just might find new bloggers and learn something new and meet the right people to connect with!

Give Live Coverage
If you’re attending a seminar or meeting that you’d like to share, you can dispatch multiple tweets real-time to distribute the new stuff you learn then clarify on your tweets with blog posts.

Ask for More Viral
Twitter is a great spot to ask your followers to promote your blog posts. You could also ask other users to promote your tweets to their own Twitter followers to drive more attention from the communities

Accuracy and Fact Finder
What if you’re composing a blog post about a latest event but don’t know how to spell the names of the people related in the event. Send a tweet to grab the data you need, and while you’re at it, give your followers a buzz about your upcoming blog post.

Find and Share
Twitter is s place to find interesting stuff and share it with the communities. Whatever you find interesting you can just send a tweet!

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