3 Secrets to Provide Time for Blogging

Managing a blog is time consuming moreover when you blog in part-time manner. You know exactly that life is not just about blog. You have family, friend, lover and many more. So how can you provide all the time for blogging?

How to Provide Time for Blogging

Have you ever felt the same way?

If you like to blog and feel that you never have enough time like other blogger do, consider some of the following tips:

Make a plan

Plan your blog for a certain goal. Plan for how much time you provide for your blog in a day and plan for when will you blog. Stick to the plan you made.

Here are the basic points you can consider as a blogging plan:

  • Posting frequency (once a week, twice a week, etc)
  • Time for net socializing ( 2 hours in three days, 4 hours in a week, etc)
  • What platform of social media to focus on (facebook, twiter, pinterest, etc)
  • What promotion methods work best to your blog (analyze and focus on it before try something new)

Know How to Write Fast

If you really love your blog and your main content is article but you don’t have too much time to write, then you need to know how to write fast.

Actually passion is the secret to success in writing fast but sometimes we just get burned-out when writing a blog post. Here are the tips to get you write fast whenever you want to write a blog post:

Understanding these 3 subjects above will help you write fast as you keep your blogging habit to flow.

No Excuses

When you realize you are short of time then never give excuse on yourself to halt blog. A plan created to be executed. When you make one and you have too many excuses to halt it, you are the biggest loser on earth.

Believe me, your time for blogging never exist until you provide it yourself. If you believe blogging is a positive part of your life then there will be no excuse to say you don’t have time for it.

Are You Having Problem to Provide Time for Blogging?

Now what about you? How do you manage your busy life so far that make your blog keep grow and shine? How do you provide time for blogging?


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