Top 5 Easy Mistakes that Ravage Social Media Marketing Strategy at No Time

The importance of Social Media Marketing for Business

Social media marketing strategy takes important part on the success of a business nowadays. 2012 Social Media Marketing Industry Report stated 94% majority of online marketer were employing social media for marketing purposes and 83% of them still believed that social media is crucial for business strategy.

Social media offers an opportunity to reach large audiences in a matter of seconds. In spite of it’s lucrative attractions, only make some social media account and share your promotion won’t work well for business purposes. People makes mistake that unconsciously diminish their hard work on social media promotion. Be smart with your social media campaign by avoiding these top 5 easy mistakes :

1.Outrageously business oriented

One thing that many online marketer overlook about social media for business is the social nature. Large amount of audiences (or you can say potential buyers) enjoying social media for personal purposes. Social media users like to share actual event during the day, what’s going on the street, or pictures and to some extend their favorite television programs.

it’s all about THEM (users) not about YOU (marketer). If you outrageously business oriented by selling stuff to social media users you are definitely off the business. If success is your goal in social media marketing then you should listen more and speak effectively. Only speak about your business if your audiences start to interest about it.

2.Unbalance promotion

Most marketer  forget to provide balance information regard their promotions. It doesn’t mean you should open the bad side of the product that you promote but people like to know at what stage your product can help them a lot in their life.

People will suspicious to a new product with exaggerate benefits. Therefore, if you are selling things through social media, be specific in telling what benefits consumers get by buying your product.

3.Not transparent

Transparency in online business equal consumer trusts. Many success online marketer package transparency strategy in achieving their success online. Person like Pat Flynn from smartpassiveincome has the most identical marketer that kind enough disclose his business income. In return, he gets more than average marketers can have.

You can start easily by describing who you are, what you do online and using the real profile image. Disclose the right information to your audiences can results in many advantages for your own online venture.

4.Lack of engagement

In case you are forget, social media has powerful individual values. Approaching audiences at this situation you will require engagement on a regular basis.

Engagement will lead trust from your audiences. A condition that you are exist to help them. Once this phase reached, they’ll easily submit their contact to ease communication.

Building a contact lists are good for business. It can become your mini fixed-market in the future. It going to take some of your time, but in the end it’s worth the efforts.

5.Not focus

Social medias are lucrative so that many people like to master it on any platform. Be anywhere and be every where is good for promotion but believe me, it’s impossible to be like that.

Focus on one or several social media platform that engaged your audiences best. You can test on all social media platform but you should evaluate it to decide which platform give you the most advantage and leave the rest.


As it is related to technology development, social media platform will continually evolved to meet the needs of personal business needs. When this happen, above simple tips are a good guidance to make sure that you are on the track of a successful social media marketer.

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Are you using social media platform for certain purpose? Let’s say facebook, twitter, etc. How was it? What’s the best social media marketing strategy in your opinion? Please share us your experience.

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