How to Create New Posts that Bring More Traffic into Your Blog Eventhough You Have No Subscribers Yet.


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Traffic is important for blog …. isn’t it? I believe many readers will support the statement.

So, do you ever wondering on how to create new posts that bring traffic? Well, I do … that’s why I am making this experiment. It’s simple but true method to decide what topic you can write next for your new posts to get more traffic.

Interesting? Let’s start …..

The first thing we can learn about finding idea for next posts that will bring you traffic is to know how your visitors come to your blog.

There are several tools available to record traffic data but in my case I choose google analytics. It’s free and simple to use it for your own benefit.

The basic data of google analytics you can use to bring more traffic into your blog

Traffic source data can easily guide you to see where your visitors come from. Basically there are only few source they might come, first is organic, second is direct  and third is referral.

In case of notordinaryblogger, there is no subscribers. I have backfired with the two language concepts. I found it difficult to set the best ways to build my subscriber lists with this concept. If any of you have suggestion I would appreciate it :)

Meanwhile I have to survive haven’t I?

With no subscribers the main source of traffics you can use are search engine (organic traffic) and referral traffic (by doing blog commenting, social sharing or guest blogging)

Organic Traffic

So, if your blog has no subscribers yet, pay attention on your organic traffics. Does it increase from time to time? If it does, that’s great then you should know how to create more contents that has high potential keywords.

Do you notice anything on what makes your organic traffic  grows ?

It could be the keywords.

Based on google analytics report you can see on what keywords your blog best at a time.

Try to look at it.

Here some screen shot on my keywords data on August 2012 from google analytics :

From the screen shot above, the main keywords that bring organic traffic into my blog are :

  • Mencari uang lewat blog (make money from blog)
  • Cari duit lewat blog (make money from blog)
  • Menghasilkan uang lewat blog (earn money from blog)
  • Cari uang lewat blog (make money from blog)
  • Bagaimana blog bisa menghasilkan uang (how blog can earn you money)
  • Blog yang menghasilkan uang (blog that makes money)
  • Blog bisa menghasilkan uang (blog can make you money)
  • Unique selling proposition adalah (unique selling proposition is … )

From that very simple data, I can conclude the keywords that give traffic for my blog in August 2012  was “make money online” related matters. That’s why my posts in September 2012 were:

  • Are You Making the Right Business Choice?
  • Mencari Uang dari Blog: Laporan Notordinaryblogger bulan Agustus 2012
  • Make Money From Blog Notordinaryblogger Monthly Report – August 2012
  • How to Make More Money from Adfly Text Link Advertisement

The purpose of above posts is clear … to bring more traffic. What’s the result? Check out the traffic comparison reports below

(take a look on August monthly report)
(take a look on September monthly report)

Blog Commenting and Guest Blogging

How about blog commenting and guest blogging? You can take notes on which blog gave you better traffic referral from your data analytics. Take a visit on them and learn the reasons.

Basically there are 3 main reasons why your comment gives traffic :

  • You are the first one to comment
  • You have valuable comment that stole many visitors attention, or
  • You have eye catching post title and put comment on commentluv enabled blogs

What about guest blogging? I don’t do guest blogging recently so I can’t talk a lot about it in here.

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Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin or else …. ? Which Platform Do You Use Best to Share Your Content

After you knowing which blog comments give you traffic, then don’t forget the traffic development from social media platform. Which platform do you use and how good is it?

You can see when the traffic is good and find out why.

Based on my experience it’s mainly because two reasons :

  • The time you share your contents
  • The title of your contents (the more attractive it is the better the traffic will be)

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Your turn

That’s it. That’s all three simple but true tips on how you can create new posts that bring more traffic into your blogs even though you have no subscribers yet.

If I may conclude the simple but true tips above, it’s all started with your on-page contents. You should have great title at first then find the idea from keywords data. And finally try to make a killer contents as a full story for your readers.

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I know there must be another simple but true tips but, that’s all I know and give me good result so far to bring the traffic into my blog. Why don’t you share us some insight about it? I would be more than happy to hear your comments and suggestions

  1. Hi Okto,
    Here is a very inspiring post brother. Most of us don’t know how to use traffic statistics. Here, you have clearly pointed out and helped in one powerful way to redefine and focus on what works.

    I get quite some traffic from SE and this post helps me on how to use the data to write content that will bring in more seo traffic.

    Kudos for the article bro
    Enstine recently posted..How to make money online ~ 4 surefire ways to make money with SeoclerksMy Profile

    • Okto

      Hi Enstine,

      Thanks a lot for the kudos my friend.

  2. every times I see google analytics, I always ask to my self, whats wrong with my blog. there a lot of visitors but the rank never growth even 1 #hammer
    Fakry Naras Wahidi recently posted..Permainan Untuk Bersenang-SenangMy Profile

    • Okto

      Hi Fakry,
      Why rank matters if you have a lot of traffics? I would prefer having thousands of daily traffics than having a high rank blog with less visitors :)

  3. Akos Fintor

    Hey Okto,

    Very useful. I liked the simplicity that flew into this post. Nice layout with the snapshots man.
    Good work , keep ’em coming!

    • Okto

      Hi Akos,
      That’s what I am offer to the readers. Glad you can find it useful :)

      Thanks for the kudos and take a visit here 😀

  4. Thanks for sharing an really nice post… I got some new ideas by which I can increase my new blog post traffic…
    Sayeed recently posted..SEO FAQs – A Guide [Infographics]My Profile

    • Okto

      Hi Sayeed,
      Glad we can help you find those ideas

      Wish you all the best

  5. Its true, we can get more traffic even there are less subscribers list.
    Techbappa recently posted..First Month Blogging ExperienceMy Profile

    • Okto

      Thanks for your support :)

  6. Hi Okto,
    Your post is very informative and simple to understand especially for those who are new to blogging and are searching for ways on how to gain traffic the right way. I agree that when commenting on blogs, you get traffic from them when you leave valuable comments and/or when you have a catchy blog post title to show on your commentluv link. It’s a plus if you’re the first one to comment on another blogger’s blog post, but as long as you leave valuable and insightful comments, for sure other people will be interested in going to your own blog, and that will help in making your traffic grow more.
    Felicia recently posted..Dan Smith wins the Sunday MillionMy Profile

    • Okto

      Hi Felicia,

      Thanks so much for your support. Yup, commentluv enabled blogs can be a nice ways to get targeted traffic through blog commenting. Thanks for sharing your voices here 😀

  7. Raaj Trambadia

    Okto – Just LOVE LOVE LOVE that title! It actually gives a sudden boost to any blogger who’s thinking about giving up!

    You know, when I started my blog(s), the only sources of traffic for me was social media (was top before, not now) and search engines (was second best before, but the best right now). Hardly had more than 10 email subscribers!! But I continued what I wanted – and here it is :) All going good, and I have no limits of hopes!

    Cheers to this and again – the title rocks! :)

    PS – Are you interested in a giveaway? Check out mine!!
    Raaj Trambadia recently posted..(Giveaway) WP Subscribers Triple-Site LicenseMy Profile

    • Okto

      Hi Raaj,
      That’s the key is, “no limits of hopes” :). There’s always a creative ways to get what we want in blogging. Good the hear the progress you have achieved

      Thanks for sharing your voice



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