How Can You Charge More of Your Products?

charge moreThe higher the prices the bigger the profits, at least that’s many product maker think. So, how can you charge more of your products? Are you afraid of losing costumers or clients? If someone tell you to double the price just because you are not selling properly at current prices what would you think?

If this is one of your business plan ahead, then there is only one thing you should concern, the value. The more you charge the more that costumers think it’s worth. Thus, you should secure the value within the products.

Dealing with prices is an endless game, moreover on the online world where cheaper priced competitor is just a click away and a comparison prices information is about everywhere.

To survive the prices game, you need to specialized yourself using modality more than price. In this case, there is only one thing that will overcome price, the value.

For instances, if there are more people buy an ebook from A author priced at $150 than from B author at $25, there must be something more than just price that an ebook from author A has than from author B. Something that make buyers feel secure spend their money at that level of prices.

When people purchase expensive stuff, they are thinking about value, not price.

So, if you are planning to sell an ebook worth $25, don’t just sell it, instead start selling a $150 products that includes your ebook, a exclusive report, special ticket for special event, an hour of free live consultation, and many more you can imagine.

Will people buy your initial products at the price six times higher that it’s initial prices? Yes, provided that all the package are truly of value to the buyers. If that’s the case, price does not really come into it.

Value within your products is the first clue, if you really likt to try the tips, then there are other things you can do as follows :

Charge More Using Testimonials

A perfect testimonial from your existing costumer can mean a millions for you.

A testimonial that benefit-oriented is necessary to match a prospective buyers. Depends on what you are selling, but a simple benefit oriented testimonial will do the works for you. This type of testimonials is a strong marketing back-up for your venture success

Use Proper Guarantee Policy

Guarantee policy is crucial in selling higher price for online products. If you are willing to do this, please do have a proper guarantee policy on your marketing process. The better your guarantee is the stronger your marketing is. Yet, be careful on this, you should keep your own words with your guarantee policy, do not allow yourself to wriggle out of it. A well planned guarantee policy will increase costumer comfort to buy the products.

Make it Special

When you are willing to charge more than you should provide more privilege than others who buy on regular prices. Sometimes, people will think twice to buy expensive products and one of their consideration is the features that being offered. The more appealing the features you are offers the more chance people will buy, even though you charge more of your products.

What ever privilege you like to give at the higher prices for a products, you should give it a try if you have a chance. Then take a look on how you market respond to it.

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So, how can you charge more of your products? Share us your opinion



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