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How to Make More Money From Adfly Text Link Advertisement

Adfly Text Link Advertisement? What is it?

It’s a way to monetize blog using link shortener service from adfly. Text link advertisement in this term is a text that contains advertisement links. For your information I have recently used adfly service as one of my ways to monetize this blog. Adfly provide link shortener service so that shortened links will show advertisement every time someone click on it before they reach the real link destination.

Basically you won’t earn a dime if no one click on that link. The biggest question regards link advertisement is how to get more click on those adfly text link advertisement. There is no fix formula for that, but based on study case there’s a method you can use to get more of those click.

Let’s take a look on these 4 step by step methods to make more money from adfly text link advertisement.

1. Create More Valuable Content

You have to understand that visitors hate advertisements, they treat it as distraction thus they will skip on advertisements as soon as they can. If your blog has too many advertisement, there is high possibility visitors won’t spend much time on your blog.

If that the case, you have less chance to earn from your text advertisement or any other advertisement platform you have applied. The only hope you have is to hold the visitors using your valuable contents.

There are many variable to determine the value of your content but basically the nature of visitors is the same as consumers.

What do I mean?

“Let’s say you would like to buy a new bag and you are faced with two choices (the two brands are  new to you) with the price below $100,-. The bag A has a good look but no one have bought it yet while the bag B has common look but many people have bought it and recommend it”. Which bag more likely you will buy? I will buy the bag B, because I have seen people take the value of it thus I would like to have that value too.

So what value you can give to the visitors from your blog content? Is it the amount of comments you have, the amount of social signals, the amount of subscribers, the amount of fanpage, the amount of followers, the out-standing blog design, particular personality or any other sign that will make visitors listen on what you have said.

The more value you can give the more time visitors like to spend on your blog, that’s mean more chance to get more click on your text link advertisement. So, spend some of your time to make a valuable content for your blog.

2. Understand on What Visitors Need

If you remember the value I have learned from my interview with Mavis Nong that “consumer will buy from you effortlessly if your offer meet their needs” then this is it all about, to “meet their needs”.

When you want to make money from adfly text link advertisement then, your link should meet visitors needs. The more you know what they want the more click you will get (that also mean more money you can make). The easiest way to know is through your blog keywords data that available on google analytics.

Take a look on “most searched” keywords that bring visitors into your blog, take notes on them. Those group of keywords is the key to make more money from adfly text link advertisement. The next action you need to do is to make more articles on those keywords as a topic.

When your visitors come back to your blog, they will see a lot of related article you have provided on their interest. This way, you will capture their time, they’ll stay longer to read more.

3. Use the Proper Keywords as Adfly Text Link Advertisement

As I previously mention at the opening, adfly is a link shortener service (modified links), which is easy to use to connect your blog/article in the form of inbound or outbound link. So you can put adfly link on a sentence or word that attract visitor to click on it as they want to know more of the information you have provided. If the visitors curious enough with information, then I believe they’ll make a click on it without a doubt because that’s what they’re looking for. And that’s how you will earn your money with adfly service.

This is some example :

If you put adfly text link advertisement into a word “car” and “ a car that efficient in fuel consumption” then there is high probability visitors will click on “ a car that efficient in fuel consumtion”. How could this be? Because the link contain solution, and that is what visitors need, a solution of their problem, not just a general information.

Visitor like to click on a link that will answer their problem. Make sure you have these kind of links on your blog.

4. Get As Many Traffic As You Can

All the previous step, create more valuable contents, know your visitors need and put links on proper keywords are the pillars of your adfly text link advertisement future income. Once it all well-prepared all you need to do is to optimize your efforts in getting a blog trafic.

Use every source you can to bring visitors into your blog, a landing page that you have prepared as a source of your online income. Interesting concept don’t you think?

Note :

Though your main target is to make money as much as you want, one thing to keep in mind is that you have to treat your visitors nicely. Don’t put too much text link advertisement on your blog post, appreciate you visitors then they will appreciate you too.

The most important thing is the value, they look for it. If you can provide those value while keep your respect to your visitors then they will be your returning visitors though you put adfly service on your blog. If you succesfully build this kind of relations, then I believe they won’t bother to see adfly advertisement on every text link you have provided. What is the final result? … of course … You will earn steady income from adfly service.

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What do you think about make more money from adfly text link advertisement? Or may be you have tried other service that based on pay per click concept? Why don’t you share with us on how you make more money with pay per click concept? 😀

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