How to Become Successful in SMM – 5 Secrets for Newbies

This guest post is by Loretta

SMM means Social Media Marketing, and is a big part of online marketing in general. It is a good idea to have a well rounded and full online marketing campaign. You should really work to make sure that social media is part of your online marketing campaign, because even though it has a limited potential (at the moment), it is still receiving a lot of interest from the online marketing community. It may simply be a case of putting yourself besides the bigger advertisers, because you will look weaker if you do not. The amount of direct traffic you will get from social media is difficult to judge, but if you are trying to direct sell via social media, then you will fail. Here are a few tips for you, for if you are new to social media marketing.


1 – Listen to what is being said before you market

Do not jump into a social media site with your size 12 shoes and start promoting yourself from every direction. Monitor what other people are saying first, and dip your toes in the water. Say a little bit online and see what response you get. If you make a big splash when you enter social media with your social media campaign, then you risk a far bigger back splash from all the people who take exception to  you. Monitor the social media sites to see what people want, and then try and swoop in and give them what they want. Once you get good at this then you can start making a bigger and louder noise on social media.

2 – Planning is key to your success on social media

You are going to have to enter the social media sites with a plan, otherwise you are going to spend hundreds of hours wasting your time. You are going to end up feeling like you have achieved a lot, when you have actually achieved nothing at all. For example, people without a plan may spend weeks getting “Likes” on their Facebook fan page, and after six weeks they have a whopping 2,000 likes. All seems well until the marketer realizes that he/she has 2,000 likes and no extra traffic or sales. You need a plan that has small achievable goals that have tight deadlines.

3 – You need to communicate with your target audience

The most successful SMM campaigners are not the ones with the most followers, friends or Likes. They are the ones that are able to communicate with their target audience and make a difference in their opinions. They are the ones that leverage their contact with people online to enable them to sell to them, and enable them to draw them from the social media sites onto their own websites. Do not confuse social media success with SMM success, because SMM requires a ROI, and social media success alone does not count as a return on your investment.

4 – Monitor and measure the social media sites

How can you be sure that your social media efforts are working (or having any effect) if you are not watching the results of your efforts? You need to measure and monitor your efforts to be sure that you are doing the right thing at the right time. There are a lot of reactions that may come about thanks to your SMM efforts. You need to find out what they are, and then distinguish them into positive and negative.

5 – Adapt your SMM campaign to optimize it

If you are following the advice of point number four then you are sifting through what you have monitored to figure out the good and the bad. You need to apply the good stuff your campaign, and get rid of the negative stuff as soon as you can. You need to keep testing and optimizing your social media marketing, or you will never achieve lasting success.

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