Your Product is not Selling Well? What to Do Next?

your product isnt sellingWe have discussed why you should create your own products, and let’s say you have done it. You have created more than just three products may be …. . If you watch carefully, there might a chance one of your product is not selling well then what to do next?

Have you ever think of freebies? Yeah, just give away free of that products, a part of your venture that is not selling well.

There are many reasons why your product isn’t selling well but most product creator’s immediate reaction is to lower the price. But do you know what? Sometimes prices is not always the case.

The best strategy to overcome price issue is by getting rid of the price. Or in other words, give your products away for free. By doing this you could have greater benefits to approach your market. Just think, if price is the reason they’re not purchasing then everyone should take your products for free. There are actually many reasons why people buy a products, and price is absolutely one of the essential reasons.

Some of those reasons are :

Time, trust, relationship, convenience, or other things that you are likely never think about it.

If you have created an ebook worth $47 yet you don’t want to give it away, you can secure your interest by offering “first 100 subscribers only” will get it for free.

There are many ways you can do this strategy, whatever you take, the most important is you really do it.

Don’t get it wrong, give a free product to your costumers (future subscribers) will let you learn many things that beneficial for your business. You’ll educate much more about why your products isn’t selling, why people don’t buy, why people buy from you than by any other learning process you do.

When you are planning for freebies, there are three essentials things to do.

Have their contact in return

When giving products away for free, please do concern to get their contact (generally an email) in return for the free products.

By doing this, you are not just to make yourself known, but also to build your lists of costumers so that you can sell them more next time.

Spread products as widely as possible

When you give products away for nothing, you should really give it away as widely as possible.

Despite only distributing away from your blog, you can also permit your visitors to do the same thing from their blog as well.

It can even better, you can give permissions to everyone who have interest to distribute your products. But remember you still hold your rights to your product, all you give away is the reprint rights.

Depends on your products form, but in term of an ebook, this could be highly profitable methods to recycle unsold products. It will make it easy for everyone to take your material, absorb the value and do the same to their communities with your name attached as the creator.

Give them depth, not width.

When making freebies, don’t make mistake of giving incomplete feature for a products. At some points you may tease your costumers but you do not build their trust.

when give away a free products, you need to guarantee that the sample is at the same “feature” as the freebies. Here are some instances ; when you are offering an ebooks, a teasing full chapter is a good sample, when you are promoting a milk, allow costumers to have a glass of it for free, or more. It could be in many ways you can do it. But the best ways to perform this method should be a free trial in a certain time of use.

If you take above tips for your next free stuff, you are having more advantage than a cash to any of your product that is not selling.

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What will you do if your product is not selling well? Share your tips with us 🙂


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