How to Obtain Legitimate Online Presence for Business : Jaime Tardy Experience

To be featured in prominent media will give huge exposure for business purposes or better … you will earn legitimation of your online presence. Everyone like to be exposed moreover in business, exposure is precious.

But, actually what you should do to get exposed? Well, I am not the one who going to answer that. I will ask some help for that 🙂

I have met Jaime Tardy from eventual millionaire.

How do I know her? I need to thanks to Corbett Barr who always provide great post in his blog. Jaime was one of the guest blogger in Corbett’s blog Her post title was What Happens When Your Site is Featured on the Front Page of Yahoo? Plus: How to Get National Press. Then, how if Jaime herself willing to give some advice about her experiences build an online business, that will be wonderful, right?

Featured in Yahoo front page twice is tremendous. Be exposed is important achievement for online business people. And that’s why I try contact her to ask for sharing her experience.

Here you are the important experience of Jaime Tardy of eventual millionaire in build an online presence to expand her business.

The Experiences

You have done so well with your coaching expertise through your blog, what is your greatest sources to learn until you have eventual millionaire?

I read as much as I can. I am always trying to learn and test new ways of doing things. I love websites like or books like the E-Myth by Michael Gerber.

You have made important decision to quit your job in 2006. Then you choose to do what you love for a living, one of works you have done is eventual millionaire. Do you mind to share your plan with eventual millionaire?

In the next year I’m looking to write a book. I have gathered so much amazing advice from millionaires that I want to share it with as many people as I can. I’m also looking to expand and create a program for teenagers.

I believe you do some promotions with your blog, do you mind to share how you promote it?

Lately I’ve been doing a lot of guest posting. I also work on building solid connections with others in the industry, and I do some paid advertising like solo ads. (Google Adwords never worked well for me!)

How do you find your first client for your eventual millionaire coaching sessions? Do you know them offline or personally? Do you mind to share the story?

I actually started coaching way before Eventual Millionaire. I found a mentor in business that taught me everything he knew. From there he helped me get my first client locally. It wasn’t until two years later that I decided to go online. Now I have clients all over the world. (and in many different time zones!)

How do you build your online presence for business, do you mind to share it?

One of the first things I did was create a mastermind group of amazing online people. I did this so they could help me succeed faster, since they already knew what I was learning. I also took a lot of massive action. I try to do what I call Active Actions. the type of action that really gets movement and progress in your business.

In your experiences, what is the common mistakes that people do in making online presences for business?

Two things. They aren’t treating it like a million dollar business. You don’t have to earn a million to treat your business like a true professional. I want people to aim for the top 1% in their industry. Otherwise they will just be another member of the herd. Number two, they don’t have a unique selling proposition. Their niche doesn’t stand out as something someone will remember.

What is the biggest obstacle you ever have in running your online presence for business purposes? And what have done to overcome the issue?

Time! I only work about 20 hours per week. I love what I do, and have so many things I want to do. But only 20 hours isn’t a lot. So I do try to leverage, and I have 3 VA’s I really count on. I think business owners should have someone, even if it’s a contractor that they can rely on occasionally.

The Highlight

Make a legitimation of your presence in online business is important things to do particularly if you want to expand your business into a higher level.

The easiest parts on making your online presence are learn as much as you can about your expertise and start connect online (guest post, leave a constructive comments on other blog, and interview). It’s a smart method of promotion!

Take advice from the guru’s on your niche would help you to take your business better than before. Find the right one and be active to learn deeper about what you looking for.

Don’t forget to build your offline networks. You should combine both offline and online networks to obtain the best result of your exposure in the net.

Wish the best for your online business!

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