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How to Build Trust and Keep Make Money Online


Since the first time I decided to participate in the crowded niche there is one thing I concern about “how do I make money online?”

First time I think of it, I just asking myself … “as consumers, why I am willing to spend money buying online stuff from others using paypal “.

Several reasons that came up in my mind was the offers should meet what I want, the payment process is easy to follow, the product is popular among users, there is proof about the result, and I trust the product or the creator.

In a case of make money from blog, particularly when blogger use pay per click platform as one of the ways to make money online, those reasons could be taken into account.  Pay per click platform is known as the easiest way to make money online because there is less efforts to do with big chances to earn money. To gain the maximum result from pay per click platform at least your content should meet readers needs, the blog navigation is easy to use, and the ads offers are relevant so you can earn more from every traffic you have.

But, the fact shows that make money online, include pay per click platform, is not as easy as it says particularly to get as much money as you can. In this situation, build trust to your costumers could give significant benefits for the long term business.

Long term benefits is important in make money online campaign, isn’t it?

When people trust you, you have more space to develop your online business. You can drive costumer attention on your online campaign and support your regular online income. Everything should be easier when you gain their trust.

A simple case how ‘online trust’ affect make money online using adfly

I have applied adfly in this blog as one of a ways to make money online. My first theory is that “visitor trust can affect earning from make money online with text link advertisement platform”. If visitors trust us as blog owner, they won’t bother our using adfly platform while establishing your profesionalism as blogger.

Here is the first month of adfly clicks in May 2012 :

And here is adfly clicks in June and July 2012 :

As you see on pictures above, the clicks grow from 24 clicks in a month (May reports) to 117 clicks in a month (July reports)

If you run text-link-advertisement platform, and the earning stats grows very well (visitors made click to the link ads) and earn you some cash, that’s a good sign. If it’s not, then may be the program is not for your visitors or they don’t like it.

Higher stats on your link ads earning shows higher trust of your visitors. Link ads is not a new thing for online people, so if they click on the ads through your recommendation (blogs, facebook, twitter, etc) that’s could  mean they trust you.

How can you improve your online trust to support your effort make money online campaign?

The logical things to overcome the risk on “the world of anonymity” is by strong evidence and disclose profile. So, if you want to be success online then try your best to be popular (well-known) is the best option to achieve. The more people know you the better your chance to get their trust.

If you’re blogging business or run a sales page you can do simple thing to build trust online by combining guest blogging, blog commenting, facebook presence, attend to related offline events. Doing these simple combinations will affect possitively on your online profile. People will start to know you, they’ll visit your blog/sales page to know you further (if you have what they want).

Establish your presence online could encourage people trust thus they will start to listen on what you’re saying. Can you imagine if you are promoting affiliate products with your words, and people listen to every words you have said? You can have unlimited commissions from it.

How to Save Your Time to Build Online Trust ?

Guest blogging. If you’re online, guest blogging could be powerful weapons to build your online profile. It’s undeniable evidence of your presence online, your skills and expertise, and reachability. Once people trust you, you can start to offers a product or services to make money online.

Blog commenting. Leaving your opinion on other blog/website is critical to show your opinion to the public. People will start to attract if they’re agree with your comments. Once they’re agree there is high possibility they’ll take a visit to your blog through the link of your comments. So can you imagine if one comment on other blog can bring you hundreds visitors, then what happen if you leave hundreds of comments?

Social Media presence. Who don’t have social media account these days? Do you? Most people have it. If you presence on some of social media platform you have broaden your own chances to success online. It’s shown that you are easy to reach and that’s mean you have created more chances to make money online.

Writing free eBook. Free eBook is a good tools to boost your popularity online. The readers impression is the next things you will get. The way you deliver information through your free ebook is crucial to capture readers trust on you. They’ll start to impress if they believe on what you have said on your own eBook, once you’ve got their trust, they’ll buy from you.

How is your business?

Make money online provide more opportunity for people having regular income, many ways you can choose to start it. What I have written here is not to teach you how, but it’s an insight about why build a trust is important in make money online campaign.

The word ‘online’ does not make any different with ‘offline’ in a matters of make money activity, that’s why the more trust you can get the better chance of success you will have. What do you think?

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And then, why don’t you share us how have you built your online trust to make money online by leaving comments below.