Why You Should Create Your Own Product


create your own productcreate your own productHaving a lists is somehow important for many bloggers or online business people. In your way of building a list there are two best option you can have between offering others high quality products or your own products.

At least you will try to have something valuable to offer. Promoting others products can earn you a lot of commission for sure yet promoting self-created products may earn you double as much cash as top sellers.

Having known the potential revenue you could have, You will start to interest to create and offer your own products where you could make more than you are promoting others products

The logical sense of make more money is you have all the money from the existing purchase.

The fact tells the other way around.

When you sell others products you are not just making less money while offering products of other’s, you are not putting any credit on your own niche either.

Getting confused? Here’s what make difference if you are promoting  your own products.

If you have a list and you have created your own products, then you keep giving your subscribers valuable stuff (such as short reports, self-created ebooks, webinar, etc), you are not just grabing all the commission, you are building your brand also.

Your self-created products makes a big difference not only in your online venture but also in your pocket.

Now, do you get the point? Here’s how it really works. Let’s say after blogging for a couple of years you finally managed to have lists of 2,000 subscribers. Once in a month you have sent a product recommendation. Each time you offers your lists about 3% of your lists purchases which mean 60 buyers.

For a product you offers for $40 and gives a 75% commissions, you are making $30 per sale and $1,800 total. It seems attractive as a monthly income right? Well, it is indeed … but what if you are the product creator?

Now, pretend you are the product owner, sending your 2,000 subscribers your ebooks and training webinars.

For the same percentage, 3% of your lists purchase your stuff, you will earn $2,400 in total. But this time not only better cash you can potentially earn but you have also put your own name on it. You have built trust with you own lists.

As a product creator and list builder you have gained one of the most important part in online business, a trust. A buyer that trust you will likely become repeated buyers and recommend your stuff to others. With all that chain reactions, more and more costumers will buy your self-created products.

There are more likely a tendency on how many products you can sell in an offers. Depend on your product prices, but the lower the price is the better the sales should be.

Image courtesy of hgpauction.com

Now, I know some of you have made your own products, whether it’s an ebook, webinar or else. Why don’t you share us the reasons why you create your own products and how many product you are trying to create in a year for your list to buy?