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web banner advertising tipsWeb banner advertising is getting flood the net on daily basis yet it’s still the forefront on the online advertising tools. Thus, it is a need to understand web banner advertising tips that will gain better result to your online venture.

Colors For Stealing Attention
Colors have their own unique role, not just for traffic reason but also in advertising purpose. choosing the right color for your banner ads can result in most attention of the visitors eyes. The color must different with the background color of a web page

Simple Design
Simplicity is almost always the best. Simple experience that visitors get will bring curiosity into their mind, that’s your banner ad should do to catch their attention. Made it simple by design. The picture added on the banner ads must be relevant to the subject of your business. Put more emphasize on pictures that relevant to your offers than your business logo.

Clear Fonts
Fonts that can be read are important in forming smaller banner ads. The two fonts that already familiar for advertising are arial and verdana that deemed better in rendering text to be readable and legible. Remember that your main goal for your ads is to grab prospective leads to scan the message and take action thus you are in big loss if make it harder just to read the ads messages.

Brief Content
As a banner ads, brief content is important. Make it longer will against your purpose in making readers to take action. The tip is to highlight on a particular advantage. Too many call-to-action words  result in confusing the readers, and in the end, lost of click through rate.

The effectiveness of online banner advertisement should be based on the content that conveys. There are often mistakes that graphic design is more important than great contents and persuasive call-to-action.

You need to put your focus more on great contents and persuasive words because sometimes not so good looking banner ad convert better than those fancy design banner ads due to superior quality of content it posses

Engaging Banners
Engaging banner ads can give you more advantages. You can make it happen by designing it in a way that ask a prospective lead or costumer to fulfill a simple survey or a poll. This engaging experience may cost you more yet it can help you study to improve click-through rate of your banner ads.

Banners Placement
The place where you put your banner ads could affect your success in online venture. No matter how good your banners design are, all your efforts may all be wasted if they are not appearing on appropriate websites. You can set a decent keywords that properly linked to your banners so that they’ll get better exposure than to when they are just randomly placed.

Banners Update
Sounds weird? Banners are content in term of online advertising. As it is in a blog, it going to need updates. The aim of this updates is solely to keep people attracted. Give fresh banner design and content in delivering your offers thus people won’t get bored with it.

Over to You

Banner advertising has its own particular role in online business. What ever your wish on it, above tips are critical to remember before you finally decide to spent some cash to create one.

Image courtesy of David Castillo Dominici at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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