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Advertising Pay You BlogBeing host for advertising seems to be the most wanted role of many bloggers in the world, particularly in term of make money blogging. Many believe that traffic is the most significant thing to improve to get this done, I do agree on that, but my experience told me that blog traffic was not all about.

Putting banner advertisements or blogging about advertisers product/services believed as the easiest way to make money online yet the hardest part is to get them trust you to do just that. So, this is what I like to share you based on my personal experience since day one I started this blog.

The Focus You Should Consider at Once

Niche + Community = Value for Both (You and Advertisers)

It’s not hard for companies searching for reviews and outreach from relevant niche blogs for blog advertising opportunities.

Once you’ve built your niche and begun blogging on schedule, you will commence to encounter something pretty awesome happening. You’ll begin establishing a loyal following, and a community of like-minded people will be encourage to share their ideas, views and feedbacks with you.

While many people visit blogs just for information updates, many more are engaged with their preferred blogs on a deeper phase. They want to be part of a community, and by niche blogging, you are assisting gather people with similar interests to discuss their favorite subject and communicate with you and your audiences.

When you decide a niche and engage good enough on that field, readers are more likely to click on ads on your blog because those ads are already targeted to your audience.

Those who don’t build a niche will realize that advertising doesn’t work well for them, because their ads aren’t specified to their demographic.

Additional Tips to Land Blog Advertisers

#Is Your Blog Alive and Attractive?

Today, everyone can easily build a blog in a matter of minutes, but maintaining a blog alive is much difficult to attain. Having a stable blog growth is the wish of most bloggers, either a newbie or a pro, no one whises of developing a unattractive blog, but the reality be shown, it’s not easy to sustain a blog growing and engaging.

One of the best ways to retain a blog attractiveness is to publish fresh, valuable and informative content regularly. Your content is what will invite people to your blog that is why you need to set it as your main concern.

There is impossible you can maintain your blog attractiveness without publishing content consistently, you don’t have to publish massively every day, but having a schedule of at least three post per week is healthy enough to keep you moving forward.

It’s smart to implement the SEO strategy positively in aiming some of search engine visitors to your blog. Whenever writing a topic, you might want to put keywords on it. There is a big chance of hogging the search engines to your maximum potential if you have the precise tags or keywords in your post headlines. This way any chance someone is hunting for that topic on a search engine, they are likely to encounter your content and take visit at your blog. There is a good opportunity  that if it is well maintained, they might just enjoy it enough to turn into a regular audience of your blog and there’s the reward.

Besides SEO things, keep the comments on is another easy way to give some life to your blog and make it attractive. Permitting people held interactions where they discuss the content has always been a valuable asset to blog contents. This gives an open medium for feedbacks to be formed and necessary decisions to be selected.

#What Has Your Blog Done For The Readers?

It is crucial to establish value for your blog before searching for advertisers, as if your blog will not provide any value to the advertisers no one will like to advertise on your blog. Publish unique and useful content on your blog regularly to attain good popularity for your blog first.

Expand the outreach by establishing facebook fanpage, twitter, linkedin or any social media you think best to support your blog network.

Spending your time to contribute as guest blogger on other website would also be a smart way to show value of yourselves as the blog owner. It will take much of your time, but it is worth the effort.

Guest blogging is a chance for you to gain access to the audiences of top blogs in your niche and drive them to your blog at no cost, if your blog is on the edge of dying or a bit boring, then guest blogging might be the real boost you require to bring your blog to the higher level.

It is not that a complicated thing to accomplish, there are lots of A-list blogs on the net that are willing to accept contents from guest contributors, all you need to do is to locate blogs in your niche with good readership base.

Propose a pitch to the blog owner telling your objective to contribute a guest post to their blog and desire to get a permission.

Here’s some guest blogging I have made so far :

*The Advantage of Online Blog Interview (
*How You Can Cut Off 15 Million+ Alexa Page Rank within One and a Half Month (
*How Can You Find Blog Readers without Huge List of Subscribers (
*How to Take Advantage of Spam Comments (
*How to Optimize Your Hard Sales Campaign (
*3 Powerful eBook Marketing Strategies (
*Why Valuable Comment is a Must when Success is Your Goal in Blogging (
*2 Unusual but Powerful Ways in Making Money with Affiliate Marketing from Blogs (

There’s many other way you can try to spread value you can offer. Blog commenting and joining forums are the most common and easiest ways that many can apply.

#How Much Should You Charge For Your Advertising Opportunity?

Pricing your offered advertising spot is not an easy job since there is no standard pricing method that can fit all blogs. Each blog that applies advertising as their primary, or one of the sources of income, are distinctive. Advertising on a fishing blog is different from advertising on a music blog.

Don’t judge by the number. I know it’s great to close advertising deals that earn you BIG money, but that should not be the focus on your marketing campaign.

Emphasize on what value or assistance you can provide for your audiences (and the advertisers). If this is the case, many ways you can take as leverage (but never mine for the price. Help first, price later). The easiest way to do this is by writing valuable content within your niche blogs.

Acknowledging your advertisers is one of the key elements in winning their deals. If you understand their products, services, advertising purposes, necessities and goals, you can create offer that much better by highlighting the quality of your readers to smaller advertisers, or emphasizing the number of page views to brand developers.

Giving the price of each banner placement on the “Advertise here” page has both pros and cons, so you’ll need to stipulate what is perfect for your situation. The pros are that it will ease advertisers make a selection, and if your prices are affordable, it might also influence some of them. The negative side is that the rate might discourage potential advertisers even before you have an opportunity to communicate with them.

I prefer to not display the prices, because once a prospective advertiser reachs me through email I’ll be in a better situation to negotiate, deal with his concerns and so on. I will also preserve his contact, which can be used in the long term to nurture new deals.

#What’s Your Take on the Impact of Advertisements on Design?

Actually I have difficulties to decide whether blog design take role here. But as I said, base on my experience, the focus you should emphasize more is how audience react on your blog than just land advertisers’ deal within the blog.

How can I say that? It’s simple. My biggest revenue was affiliate marketing by promoting web hosting service when I used twenty eleven wordpress template. The look of my blog back then was quiet simple (if not amateur) but that’s not bother audiences decision to purchase through affiliate links provided here.

Since I changed the template into mythemeshop, advertising opportunities started to come right into my inbox.

Based on offers I’ve accepted, blog design take a particular role but not significantly. How we engage with the audiences (inside and outside the blogs) is the most important one. Besides the content value of course.

That’s why I suggest build community in “focus you should consider at once” above. Having solid (or good) community around your niche is a strong proof of value your blog provide. And that is just significant enough to encourage advertisers pay you.

#Where to Find Advertisers?

Once you have announced direct advertising campaign, soon you will start to accept inquiries from people. Initially, however, you will need to search  advertisers. Do not get discouraged if you get rejected at once, provided you have all the aforesaid requirements, as time goes by you will find advertiser willing to put the deal on your blog.

Here’s some good place to start :

Should You Agree?

Wait, before you think I am just talking nonsense … let me say something to clear things up. It will work with your hard work. Landing an advertiser or sponsor to fund your blogging is not an overnight success. You can find advertisers from one marketplace to another or maybe you will get them find you in a chance.

Implementing above tips has given me some extra cash to help me fund this blog. Here’s some screenshot :

Advertisers from adhitz

Adhitz Ads

Advertisers from sponsoredreview

Sponsored Reviews

Advertisers from somewhere out there 🙂

Direct Ads

When this is happen, it’s all yours to decide …


Don’t miss judge my tips above that traffic doesn’t matters in enticing advertisers to pay you blog. In niche market, advertisers looks for something more than just traffic. How your blog can engage with audience might help a lot at this situation. How can I say this? If you follow my monthly reports, you will see that my average blog traffic is 100 – 250 daily visitors with 750+ facebook fanpage and enough engagement in G+, and linkedin (and a bit struggle on twitter :D).

So in the way to succeed this …… You need to …

Make research. It is up to you to conclude who advertises on your blog. If you want to have an authority and valuable reputation amongst your visitors and networks, you need to ensure the advertisers are running business with have the same values and morals as you. Putting other company’s advertisements on your blog is all about helping both advertisers and your audiences.

Get proper preparation. If you are attempting to entice advertisers you need to be prepared and look qualified. Go get it and have the data required for industries to advertise with you. An instance of this may be advertising rates and spots offered for your blog, and the payment form and method you prefer for advertisements in your blog.

Test for your rates. Most advertisers are start-up business that has tight budget to spend. Understand their needs, your advertising proposal might be their solution of online marketing. Run the test for your advertising rates and look how it can help you close advertising deals.

Defining optimal advertising income on blog is a challenging task (mostly difficult), and I realize that the strategies and methods explained above might not fit everyone.

What other techniques have you applied to get advertising pay you blog?

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