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How to Build a Blog (a Profitable One)


How to build a blog nowadays has become an essential information which is used for distributing many great ideas. Blogs have become popular with time almost substituting the need for other information sharing media such as newspapers and magazines. Although other print media are still crucial in releasing any particular ideas, blogging is becoming the personal tools for many individuals who would like to have their opinions disclose from the wider part of the world.

Thus, you’ve understood the potential of a blog. When understanding how to build profitable blog, there are main subjects that you will need to know: how to start a blog, what to write about, how profitable the topic is, what monetize methods you like to apply and how to gain attention.

Technically, blogs can be integrated within a website or it can also be an independent site. The most important thing is to know how to build a blog through a simple method. Since blogs are good for sharing personal experiences and interacting others with ideas, it is imperative that all people exercise how to build a blog. Those who willing to distribute ideas get the chance of going expose through their blog. There are basic things that have to be obvious whenever a person would want to build a blog.

How to Build a Blog

If you interesting to build a blog you need to understand what to do from square one. First things first, you need a web hosting provider. A web host kept files remotely in storage devices known as servers. Once somebody land on your webpage, those files are released to the visitors. This way, you does not have to maintain files on your own computer. Basically it’s ease your blogging journey.

The next thing is choose a topic. Grab a topic that you are interest about. For instance, if you are attract about travel, or cooking, you should think about starting a blog focused to just that. The reason to pick something that you are attract about is because the initial few months of running a blog can be very lonely. It is imperative that the topic you are writing about doesn’t take a lot out of you.

Once you have your focus on how to build a blog you must select a domain name. Since there are so many domain names taken, you must consider of an attractive name that has at least correlation with your topic. You can look for domain name availability at several websites such as godaddy. One example of a domain name is They expertise in building traffic for websites, and you can tell that just by their name.

Types of blogs

Nowadays, almost every company out there has a blog, because it is lucrative for business. Companies can write post about their service/product or their industry, which will assist generate the amount of traffic targeted to their website. On the flip side, there are people who have blogs, just to get their opinions out there.

Professional blogs are generally not shown on the home page of the website. In most case, there is a different page within the website where the blog is placed. This way, visitors won’t get puzzled about what the websites original objective is. If there is an automotive company that has a website, in most cases, going to their front page will not list a blog. It will be situated in another part of the website.

Personal blogs generally have the blog on the home page. A good instance is TrekMovie, which is a movie information blog. If your main objective is to get your opinion out there for the globe to enjoy, having the blog on the main page is your smart bet. Most individuals who start blogs select this method over any other method out there.

Before you sign up for a web hosting service, find out free installation of your blog’s platform. Everything can be completed with a few clicks in front of your laptop, and you can have your website up and running within hours. This is very attractive to people who have busy routine, because in few days, you can have your website started and prepare to bring in clients.

What to Write

I’m pretty sure that all of bloggers that run a blog sometimes feel like “Darn! We haven’t blogged anything for years. We have to pop up with something to blog about

If you’re one of them chill out and don’t rush. Better to drag the brake and reflect at length on what your valuable and recent visitors really want to know about before you publish something you do not believe in. When you have run a blog you must of course to think of some technique to ensure the blog updates so you do not end up in these situations. Certainly you need some technique to know what should you write about for your blog.

Sometimes it won’t enough to just mastering how to build a blog, you require to write something that really attract your blog visitors.

Here are some tips that can assist you to maintain the creative juices flowing as your blog develop finding  shape.

  • What are your hobbies? Things that you like to do on holidays are often interesting topics to talk about.
  • What is your expertise? Visitors want to learn about what you know and your particular experiences.
  • What’s the trends? While you don’t have to necessarily be a trend setter, you can provide your opinion on what happening in your niche and how it affect to your business, hobby, life, etc.
  • What is your personality? Are you comedian? Do you like being controversial? Do you like to take a stance? These opinions can assist you to write about your topic.
  • What are your hopes and fears? Things that you hardly stop thinking about or what keeps you awake at night can be informative solutions to share with others.

How Profitable Your Topic Is?

After knowing what to write about, blogging for one or three months, it’s time to make sure about the profit you may gain. When looking for niches to develop, there are particular characteristics any blogger must know if they are want to create a serious amount of money.

Frankly speaking, the internet is over crowded by niches, and many of these awaiting for a blogger to engage and exploit it, for cash, and for a very long time. The method for any blogger is to find these kind of niches, and be able to quickly recognize whether its profitable  niche, or just one that will not compensate all the effort to dominate the market.

It is easy to discover new niches on the internet, even today when so many bloggers have been blogging for sometime. So for any new blogger, it is still easily possible to get started and relish the same achievements as the bloggers that are developing today’s quality marketing products. The secret is to discover those niches where viewers are willing to spend some money to get the solution to their search term/search phrase.

Why should you understand this? Well, let’s put it this way. Think about two search terms with the same amount of monthly quiries, competitor websites, and it is as simple or as challenging to rank properly in the Search Engines for them. The first search quiry is “How to fix a leaking sink” and the second is “How to fix a motor RC helicopter” – can you indentify which one would be the profitable niche?

The most obvious response to these two niches , leaking sink and rc problems, is that someone looking to fix a leaking sinks not likely to related with any purchase to find out how to do it, but a rc player who is hopeless to fix a motor in their rc helicopter game is likely, if all other variables are there, purchase something which they believe will assist solving that problem.

The secret to find profitable niches is identifying niches where the people searching are likely to grope their wallets and spend some cash once they discover what they’re searching for.

Maintain Your Blog

To establish your blog authority your skill to post stand-out content updates will be essential! Even greater importance is the habit in of hard work! What we’re discussing here is maintaining yourself as a source authority within your niche. This is achievement that doesn’t happen instantly!

To achieve this you must bear in mind and adhere to regarding both your content quality and posting habits for niche domination!


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There’s in no way can you establish the ‘status’ of being an authority source without initially proving your worth! As a blogger this will happen when you post updates that are beneficial, informative or otherwise show a content quality viewers will favorably keep in mind! This takes time and it’s up to you to learn it even when you’re not having the results you desire. Think that not only must you first generate visitors but then obtain their loyalty which will only then give you the chance to showcase them the benefit of your opinion and knowledge! This is a mechanism and therefore it take some time, patience and absolutely your persistence!


As a blogger your consistency is imperative regarding not only quality and the frequency with which you publish updates but also topic correlation! Maintain to only subject matter that keeps relevance to the topic of your blog and you should be all right to go!


The accuracy of what you offer readers is of the utmost importance to develop reputation of being an authority! Although you may offer unique content it is worthless if it contains repeated inaccuracies. It will only serve to discredit you rendering your efforts useless. Know of what you deliver. If there’s any inquiries regarding your content quality don’t post it until all inquiries have been described or otherwise explained!

Mastering how to build a blog as authority within your niche you require to updates your blog content. Of course what you offer viewers needs to be useful content. Why else would they be attracted but maintaining an authority blog needs even more than just this.

Monetize Blog

Now you are already aware of importance in maintaining your blog, it’s obvious to think how you will create a profit from it.

Once you have committed to build a blog and have successfully maintained to attract traffic then follow the given below tips in order to create profit:

  1. Publishing advertising banners or links is one easy way to earn cash from blog. It’s popular and yet equally effective method. Many bloggers apply this to generate cash out of their blogging. Nevertheless, for that reason, you require to create more quality content and build a blog which viewers want to see. Only then big industries and corporations will place their ads to be installed on your blog and you will have the chance  to generate profit.
  2. Another good way to earn money through blogging is known as “private market”. It means once you succeed to establish a particular reputation of your own in the market and maintain a group of loyal visitors who like to read your blog and take your recommendations as seriously, then, organizations and corporations start contacting you for partnership to market their products and services. Or the best part is, you can start affiliate marketing or may be sell your own stuff. Thus, you can also generate a reasonable amount in this way.

How to Get Attention?

At this level, your blog is mature enough and it’s time to make it bigger.

Google as well as most of the other popular search engines depends on particular known parameters of algorithm for blog listing. It used to get the most related answers to display on the search result pages. Improvements in the search methods have proved that the quality of the content lead scoring popularity of blogs.

Starting a blog is not the hard part but getting it noticed often gets challenging. The old saying of “if you build it, they will come” doesn’t work to success blogging. To captivate attention, you require to know how to get your blog out and connect your passion for the blog niche topic.

At this level many bloggers overlook some (if not many) things to increase online attention. So are you interesting about building a blog and not sure what to do next? Here are some tips to increase attention into your blog.

Give The Reader Pleasant View – make your blog visually stimulating and match the topic of your blog. If you have a chef blog, then use an cooking-based theme for your blog instead of a tiled picture of your children playing “hide and seek”. Speak to the reader through pictures as well as words.

Stick To One Topic or Niche – what’s your blog about? A consistent topic is important to visitors and if they share in your passion, they will return time and again. When writing your blog, write for the reader but be sure to utilize topic-specific keywords throughout your article. It will increase authority within that subject matter online.

Speak From Your Passion – visitors can actually realize when a writer is passionate about the subject matter. The words flow from the heart and are effortless. They captivate the audience and make them crave for more.

Show Your Face – include an “About” page on your blog. It must contain image of you and a proper information about you, the admin. If your blog is about foods, include a picture of you on your food hunting. If you build travelling, have a picture of you doing just that.

Engage With The Viewers– establish a “Contact Us” page and have the form of responsiveness to your viewers. It will enable them to easily reach you out. Also, maintain blog post comments open to all viewers. It can trigger a discussion on your blog post and engage with you about your content.

Engage with Others – establish connection is also important. You should never close yourself and be connected with others whether inside or outside your niche. The goal is one, build your connection world wide.

Socialize Your Bloglet the world know your blog exist. Share your blog through Twitter, Facebook and other social networking websites. Make a schedule to engage in social media site that you think best perform for your blog

Apply Smart SEO – Don’t forget that millions of people using search engine to find information every single day. Thus, there’s nothing wrong if you aim for this lucrative market. Try your best to apply smart SEO, the white-hat technique that will ensure safety in your playing search engine game..

How to Build a Blog Today?

In the end, blogging is broken down into three areas: technological, optimization and social networking.

The overall process  should really be towards a more effective content marketing methods for your blog. Build a profitable blog will require times, effort, and persistence. Finally you’ll going to need some evaluation periodically to focus on things that work best for your blog.

Good luck!

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