Supercharge Your Social Media Marketing with These 9 Super Tips

Social media marketing is about listening

As much as you want to publicly stated that your product is good, let’s not do it that way. Social media is the art of soft selling. It’s about earning a good reputation and giving customers 100% satisfaction. Listen, listen, and listen. Your customers are here to tell you if your product is no good; your service is excellent, or if your staffs need training.

People want to talk to human, not a robot.

Social media marketing is about conversation. Social media is like the customer service of a business. It’s a company’s face. Instead of posting feeds on regular basis, be sure to also interact with your audience as much as possible and answers questions they throw on social media. Even if it’s about defects – your answer will determine how professional you handle your business. Hence, always respond immediately to queries and customer’s concerns, get involved in the community. When a brand is humanized, the followers will feel more connected.

Do not #FollowMe and I will #FollowBack

These are irrelevant, totally-unacceptable hashtags that should be avoided when using social media. There is no point to ask a direct request to follow your business if you don’t add values to your followers. Instead of doing this, try to use relevant hashtags that have something to do with your business or industry.

Broadcasting is not social media marketing

If you think that social media platform is here to broadcast your brand, you’re wrong. Social media platform is a tool to be engaged with your customers, to get closer to them and communicate with them.

Relationship building needs time

While it’s easy to buy followers, it takes time to build a true relationship with your customers. It might require a bit of patience and perseverance because there are content and marketing strategies involved. Remember, it is a SOCIAL media. You can’t wish to be branded as “Reliable” if they don’t know what you got and you don’t get socialized. People expect you to be responsive, in time, professional, and interesting.

Always be helpful

Social media is about being supportive and helpful. Helping customers to purchase what they need and making sure they’re satisfied with their choice. Decide wisely what kind of messages that could bring give impact to your followers.

People love humor

It’s always interesting to read a humor in the middle of a hectic day at work. Incorporate hilarious stuffs on your contents or images and share some happiness around!

Go where the potential customers are

Social media platforms are varied, and you don’t have to sign up on every platform (not in any time sooner). Know your network and be present where your customers are.

No strategy = blunder

A company without a social media marketing strategy will never be able to deliver messages effectively. There are strategies – a marketing plan to distinct your voice from other noises in the platforms.

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