What Expert don’t Want You to Know about These Social Media Marketing Benefits

Social media marketing is becoming a powerful tool to grow a business. Entrepreneurs are now aiming at this approach to reach their target market. A research done by marketing company, Hubspot, showed that 95% of world’s big companies admitted that social media has an important role in their business.

To give you a hint on how important a social media for a business, here are some of the benefits!

  • Improve brand’s visibility

Even when you don’t advertise your product on newspaper or television, you can still make it visible through social media platforms. Customers will find it easier to find something they need from online platforms. They get an insight on how other people review a product and it’s not something they can see from TV. A Twitter user can hear about your business when they stumble upon their newsfeed and read a Retweeted post from a friend. Someone who is skeptical may become loyal to your brand in the end.

  • Convert audience to customers

A post on a social media platform can increase your chance to convert an occasional reader to a loyal customer. Social media marketing helps you to interact with your new and old customers in many ways. From images to videos, from blog post to customer to comments; these are the elements that can result in a conversion.

  • Improve customer’s loyalty

People don’t follow a brand for nothing. A study done by the Texas Tech University claimed that a brand that has a social media platform is more likely to have higher customer loyalty than brands that don’t have any social media channel. Brands that are fully aware of online audience, understand how connection is significant to influence customers to ‘only use’ their product or service.

  • Become an expert in the industry

As your online visibility gets higher, people look for your brand when they want something related in the industry. The more internet users are talking about your brand, your business becomes an ‘authorized product’ that they would want to know any update from your company. Social media marketing helps business to create an influence and becomes a leading brand with a proven expertise.

  • Cost efficient

Marketing budget can be overwhelming. However, as most of the social media platforms are free, a brand can optimize the use of these tools without spending too much money, or better, for free. Even when you use the paid ads on Facebook or Twitter, it still costs cheaper than the cost to advertise it on television. It helps decreases the chance of over-budgeting and yet, effectively increases conversion rate.

  • Manage online reputation

Using social media marketing, a brand can manage its reputation by improving services and expand their network. It can also reach potential customers and nurture the relationships using a reliable social media profile.

Social media has become the ‘face’ and ‘voice’ of a company. It’s necessary to stay at pace in order to get positive feedbacks on your business.

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