How To Invite Followers On Social Media

Social media marketing is one of today’s marketing challenges and yet, it gives so many opportunities for customers as well as the business itself. When a brand has an online presence, it’s actually one step ahead the competition. Social media has all the values of informative, interesting, entertaining and cultivating. It helps to map back to your brand when people share your content.

Many social media apps are used with one purpose, to create consumer engagement. However, there are some mechanisms when using the platforms. Instagram, LinkedIn or Facebook – each has different features and audience, but these platforms help a business to connect with consumers.

So, how to gain more followers on social media?

  • Fans voting

Voting is fun for the audience. Not only they get to choose between A and B; but they also feel heard. When your audience actively makes votes, they become part of the brand. As for a business, voting helps to lead the direction. A company can learn what kind of product is highly favored by the customers.

  • Personalize the experience

A brand should provide customers, a unique experience. It has to be t’he stuffs that keep consumers exploring the product or service. Moreover, a brand has to be able to reflect a follower’s identity. Interaction can come in different forms. For instance, mentioning a follower who has been visiting your booth or ‘taking’ them to backstage where the preparation takes place with the images you post on social media platforms. This way, a customer can have a personalized experience from a brand. Eventually, they will ‘voluntarily’ follow your social media account because your brand can give a unique experience.

  • Fans contribution

Social media can actually delegate your messages to the world. Followers can submit a photo and tag a brand. This post will then be seen by their peers who might be curious about your product and want to find out more. This idea has made a follower, a marketing channel for a brand. Contributions can also be done using a social media contest where followers can win a reward after joining a quiz. This is a viral social media marketing with less effort!

  • Give insights

Fans will come back if a social media platform gives them what they need. Always keep your social media updated with tips and tricks apart from selling your products. Related contents may be valuable for the fans because they know they can get something just by following your brand.

  • Add social sharing buttons

Believe it or not, if it’s easy everyone would do it. Thus, make your audience feel it’s so easy to share your contents through the social sharing buttons on the side or below your information. This helps you get more followers as more people know about your brand.

One thing to note, the success of social media marketing isn’t only measured by how many followers you have; but also how audience interact with your brand, discuss and share the contents and talk about it in their circle.

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