6 Social Media Marketing Tips from the Pro

Today, businesses rely on social media marketing to improve their ROI. The art of soft-selling seems to become a major marketing campaign that can improve online visibility and earn customer’s trust.

To get you started, here are the top 6 tips on social media marketing that we’ve compiled from the pro!

  • Choose the best time to share your post

There is no such thing as the best time exactly, but there is indeed, an ‘online time’ for each country. For instance, analytics have reported that the best time to post is on Thursday night. Compared with other days, many online products have increased their sales when they posted a tweet on Thursday night.

  • A/B test is a must

A/B test is a comparison test to figure out which kind of posts your customer more likely to hit that ‘Like’ button – or further, make a purchase. In social media marketing, a simple A/B test goes with the name of split testing. This helps a business to learn if their campaign has already hit the right target, or find out which elements the customers love the most.

  • Choose the right platform

Each social media has a different purpose. For instance, Twitter allows you to write up to 140 characters whilst Facebook lets you write for as long as you want to. Each serves a different audience. Hence, when promoting your business, it’s better to know which social media platform is the most suitable. Let say, if you’re a travel agent, it’s best to use Instagram to post destinations you’ve conquered and let others see them through your lens. Remember, your followers are your brand ambassador. If they like what they read, see or hear, they would definitely spread the word out.

  • Always listen to your followers

Social media marketing is about two-way communication. You can’t just post something every day like a robot, without noticing your followers. It’s important to be engaged with your customers. Asking how their day is, or answering their questions, are parts of the vital functions in social media network. The social media platforms are like digital customer service department for your business.

  • Link building

If your business has a website or blogs, you can link them o your social media accounts and let customers read stories about your events or experiences. You can also become an expertise in your industry by sharing tips and tricks related to your business. This also help to increase website traffic.

  • Monitoring

Social media platforms need to be monitored. Not only about the customer’s comments but also what’s going on around the circle. This opportunity helps to leverage your business by knowing the trend or find out customer’s opinions about your business – what they’re actually talking about behind you.

You can also utilize social media marketing tools to schedule your posts. This help to save time as there are many social media apps to use such as Hootsuite or lategram.me.

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