Top 6 Types of Website Contents Visitors Love

If we speak about website contents, it can be in any form. Website like slideshare full of contents in form of power points while Youtube full of videos. The form of website contents can be in text, images, videos, audios, software, games and any other as you imagine.

Providing the right type of contents will make website easily popular in a short time. Visitors will remember a website through its content. In the end, such a website will gain high regular traffic.

What kind of website contents you should provide for your next new website or your next post? In today post, I like to share the types of website contents visitors love. As it is in romance, when you love someone else, you probably will do everything for the one you love. Visitors that fall in love with a website, will do a favor to make the website grow even bigger in no time.

Here are the 6 Types of Website Contents Visitors Love

Latest News

Most people use internet to find out what is going on with the recent issue. The vast development of internet has made people easily access the information fast and at no cost. That is why information of the latest news on the internet highly searched by the users. If you are gadget freak, then making a website discussing on the latest news about gadget is the best types of website content for you to choose. Find your main interest is then talk about all the latest news related to it.

Adult Content

Well, like it or not, adult content is highly popular in the world of search engine. Some related keywords such as porn, sex, nude and so on is highly search by the users for some reason. If you have the skills and ability to develop this field, you will likely to have popular website in no time. But remember, strict your website for visitors below legal age to consume your website content.

User Generated Content

Something free is always interesting for most people. Do you remember Kim Scmhitz? May be you don’t, but I bet you know megaupload? The site (megaupload) was used by 50 million people a day as people shared files, music and movies online.

Many websites grow rely on user generated content namely tripadvisor, amazon, slideshare, youtube and more. If you intend to create such a similar website, consider seriously on copyright regulations. Make sure you are not alleged as culprit in internet piracy cases.

Tips and Tricks

People like a shortcut or a fast way to solve problems. That is why many forums provide tips and tricks to accommodate the needs of its members and other people that are looking for it.

If our website content comprise of useful and informative tips and tricks, most likely people will love it and share it to the world.

Top List

The top list on any subject is highly attractive to readers. Visitors like to know what’s the most of anything and compare it to them. It just like the tv show “Ripley’s believe it or not”, viewers are so curious to watch the full show.


Tutorial contents are mostly helpful to people. People like to have solution on technical problems or any problems they have by following tutorial as their way out. There are broad aspect we can discuss on tutorial start from cooking, blogging, photography, painting and many more.

Your experiences on certain problems combined with your ability tutoring people are the best ingredients to success building tutorial website.

What Types of Website Contents Fit Best for You?

That’s the 6 types of website contents visitors love. I believe you are having some fresh ideas to start a new website or start a new post after reading this post. Now tell me, what types of website contents fit best for you and why? Please share on comment below.


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