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2 Fast and Easy Ways to Increase Facebook Fanpage Engagement Today (study case)


More businesses are looking forward to digital marketing and combining social media as an active channel to reach brand milestone and communicate with customers. Digitalbuzzblog stated that over 97% of people say that social media has influenced their decision to make a purchase of a brand or product and cbminfo stated that new consumer research shows  over 50% of Facebook fans say they are more likely to buy, recommend than before they were engaged. Both facts reveal the same result: fanpage can bring more sales to business.

One of the important things of facebook fanpage is the engagement. If you have an engaging fans then the possibility of making sales (or bring in facebook traffic) through fanpage is better than before. Despite the fact that every social network has its own unique culture, facebook still a lucrative place for business. If you are having problem to increase facebook fanpage engagement here are some easy tips to make it happen today.

#1 Types of Contents Being shared

There are several types of contents that can easily be shared within your fanpage namely videos, quotes or images. How good are they? Here they are:

Compelling images is safe. Well, I am not an expert to tell you how compelling images can increase facebook fanpage engagement. Some fanpages just prove it right. (take a look on sample of BMW Fanpage below)

BMW FanpageBMW Fanpage

Images of giveaway announcement also interest user. This is very logic because people love giveaway. Besides this kind of content also encourage comments, shares, and likes. (take a look on sample of Bareminerals Fanpage below)

Bare MineralsBare Minerals

May be it is not beneficial to your business if you make giveaway often. Guess what? Discount or sale also works. (take a look on sample of Bonobos Fanpage below)

Bonobos DiscountBonobos Discount

Contents that give users involvement like survey or poll with prizes as incentive also work. (take a look on sample of CommunityCoffeeCompany Fanpage below)


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Sometimes words work best. It not just a word though, it is a wisdom words that you shared as facebook status. Sharing wisdom is one of the easiest way to increase facebook fanpage engagement (take a look on sample of OldSpice Fanpage below)

OldSpice Wisdom postOldSpice Wisdom post

Video contents work perfect to increase engagement. What do you think? I think it work if you share your own video within your fanpage. (take a look on sample of SkullCandy Fanpage below)

Video of SkullCandyVideo of SkullCandy

#2 Timely Engagement

Have you noticed that if you’re available to engage in conversation after posting fanpage status certainly makes the difference? People like to know you’re paying attention and noticing them.

If you have a chance to do so, make sure you do it. Don’t be afraid to make an announcement of your available time so that your fans can interact easily through your fanpage.

What can we learn?

Fanpage owner will choose to focus more on types of content than try their best to timely engage with the fans. Whatever you choose, above 2 fast and easy ways work better to bring improvement.

Most of pages attained real success with images on their own, no links include. Does this mean getting facebook traffic from fanpage no longer work? I won’t say that. A really interesting/relevant article as a link will make lots of people click on it. Try to mix the kind of contents you share on your fanpage (between content with links and no links) and see how it works. Links seemed to be less attractive, particularly if they were asking for your money.

I know many of you are not new to facebook fanpage. So tell me, what’s the best ways to increase facebook fanpage engagement? Please share your insight on comment box below.

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