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How to Increase Your Facebook Fanpage Reach?


The best part of blogging is when we can have business with everyone around the globe. One of the business chances that arrived recently to me is to provide assistance to build and to manage a fanpage. This is very interesting because I’ve talked about it previously.

Facebook is still a good place to interact with people around you especially to talk about the purpose of organization. A fanpage can help you in many ways namely spread the word, build awareness, or increase sales.

So within this post, I like to share what I’ve done with my client’s fanpage, why do I do that strategies, and what’s the result. Before we go through the explanation, let’s understand first what kind organization you are trying to develop using a fanpage.

Type of Purposes in a Fanpage

Why this is matter? The answer is to predict how far you can go with your fanpage.

There are actually two kind of purposes : profit and non-profit. If you are trying to exist through a fanpage to gain financial profit, then you are into “profit” category. If you are not trying to gain financial profit, then you are into “non-profit” category, as simple as that.

Fortunately my client is in for financial profit. My first thought is that you will have easier way to achieve good result in a fanpage if you are into “non-profit” category. But, I don’t have any experience yet in dealing with such a fanpage.

What Makes Your Fanpage Reach Better Audiences?

Before we go, I need to say that I have the permission from my client to include some fanpage data for this post without exposing screenshot explicitly due to unquestionable reason.

Now, let’s go inside the topic.

If you’ve read my previous post about fanpage engagement (study case) you will realize the importance of the types of content to be shared within the fanpage.

Images and pure words work well enough.

In July 2014, I only share links in my client’s fanpage. It is not only a link but also some words and picture include to encourage click. It is not working as I expected. The engagement was very low and the reach was minimum.

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Take a look on the screenshot below:

Only Share LinksOnly Share Links

As you can see from the screen shot above, the engagement was very weak. Reach was below 50, likes only show 1 to 5 while post clicks 0 to 5. It is absolutely not what everybody in the organization expected. So I have to bring some fresh wind to the situation.

Basically I am implementing the combination of images and pure words. The aim for this swift is to reach more audiences.

Why these two strategies works?

People like to engage in social media especially facebook. My client has an advantage that people already know the organization offline. This way, I realize that the problem must be in fanpage content. If we just sharing links within the fanpage all the fans might get bored and tend to ignore it. They like something they can enjoy without leaving the facebook page. If we put links that will make them leave the fanpage it against their comfort zone.

If you want to announce a discount, don’t put links into it. But put attractive images related to it and your contact inside images so that those who interested can take note or contact directly.

In our way to boost the fanpage reach, I am suggesting my client to check his photo album to select a few to share within the fanpage. An images of your organization attending a seminar or meeting with counterpart work best to show you are real subject in earth that people can easily see or contact. Those who involved in the images most likely to give likes and shares your fanpage post. This is strong enough to spread the word about your organization to other facebook users. My client have done this suggestion consistently and here’s the screenshot on August 2014 (until today: 18 August 2014)

Sharing Related Pics resultSharing Related Pics result

The right images will bring a better reach for the fanpage.

Take Away Tips

If you want to increase the reach of your fanpage consider some of the following tips:

  • Combine words and images.
  • Use images related with you or your organization
  • Use more images post and less links share.
  • Put your business message into attractive images is better than share an announcement with link.

Well, that’s what you can do to increase your facebook fanpage reach based on my experience. I hope this can help you reach better audiences too with your own fanpage. Have more tips?