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The time is running fast recently, it’s October 2012 now and the time for my second monthly report on make money from blog.

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Now, it’s the time for me to publish “make money from blog : September 2012 report”. There are exciting developments occure this month includes the social signals obtained on the articles published in September 2012, selling “social signals marketing”, blog traffic growth and revenue report from adfly.Well, no need to extend the opening paragraph, allow me to discuss and analyze the data that I receive to be used as study materials for you to develop your own blog.

This is just my experience, you are free to debate the information in this article.

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Social Signal
During the period of September 2012, NotOrdinaryBlogger has published 5 articles in English and 3 articles in Bahasa Indonesia.

Articles in English
1. The article titled “Are you making the right business choice” is a guest article from Belinda J Darling of LFS Legal. This article was published on 1 September 2012 and managed to get 13 fb like, and 22 inshare.

2. The article titled “Make Money Online from Blog: NotOrdinaryBlogger Monthly Report – August 2012” was published on 2 September 2012. This report has managed to get 41 fb like, g+ 2, 3 tweets 52 inshare and 1 stumble.

3. The article titled “How to Make More Money from Adfly Text Link Advertisement” was published on 10 September 2012. This post has managed to get 38 fb like, 2 g+, 1 tweet, 21 inshare and 1 stumble.

4. The article titled “How to Build Trust and Keep Make Money Online” was published on 19 September 2012. This article has managed to get 51 fb like, 3 tweets and 19 inshare.

5. The article titled “Why Competition is Good for Make Money Online?” was published on 28 September 2012. This article has managed to get 64 fb like and 1 inshare.

Articles in Indonesia
1. The article titled “Mencari uang dari blog: Laporan NotOrdinaryBlogger bulan Agustus” was published on 2 September 2012. This article has managed to get 12 fb like, g+ 2, 1 tweets and 18 inshare.

2. The article titled “Cara Mudah Menggunakan Informasi Mendasar dari Google Analytics untuk Meningkatkan Traffic Blog” was published on 12 September 2012. This article managed to get 4 fb like and 4 inshare.

3. The article titled “7 Strategi Menambah Traffic Blog” was published on 25 September 2012. This article  has managed to get 3  fb like and 16 inshare.

Social Signal Marketing
As my own product, I would like to promote the sale of these products to consumers. In fact,  there is similar product with social signal marketing which called “buysocialsignals” that cost $ 0.05 for 1 fb like.

In September I reduce the portion of the promotion on this product due to a focus on creating blog posts to increase blog traffic. However, I am grateful for September sales on social signal marketing which I have got two clients for it. It means I get an extra $ 10 income from this product.

(take a look at “Social Signal Marketing”)

Blog Traffic
Before starting the explanation, let us take a look at the following screen-shot:

There is traffic growth in September …  from previous month (August report)  total traffic 1.001 with 870 unique visitors to total traffic 1.418 with 1.187 unique visitors.

Development of Search Traffic and Direct Traffic (between August and September)

Search Traffic

August 2012

September 2012

As I’ve discussed in August report that I haven’t built an email lists due to particular reason, thus this blog rely on search traffic. If you look at the comparison of pie chart above, it looks like this blog has been on the right track.

What I need to do next is keep the content SEO works to maintain the total traffic numbers. Of course I don’t want to just maintain the numbers, I’ll do some efforts to increase it.

Direct Traffic
I use direct traffic as a sign of personal brand.

I don’t build email list remember? Thus my temporary conclusion is …. if direct traffic increase, that could be mean readers start to remember this blog. In other words, this could be a signal that this blog has become better-known among readers.

Development of Referral Traffic

Referral from other blog
If you look at the data from google analytics, blog from Indonesia plays a major role to the total traffic on NotOrdinaryBlogger in September 2012. Remain in his position is, where an increasing number of referral traffic that reach 103 visitors this month.

Referral from Facebook and Linkedin
Social signal marketing is not only as a source  to make money from  blog but also a method that is applied to market this blog. Based on referral traffic data above, it looks like this marketing strategy showing positive indication to this blog with the increasing number of visitors from facebook and linkedin.

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Adfly Revenue Report
There is a 400% increase in total clicks on adfly this month

As you can see from the screen-shot above, this month this blog get as many as 464 clicks on the adfly text link advertisement applied on this blog. If I compared this result to the previous month (which is only 94 clicks) then occurs approximately four-fold increase on total clicks amount.

If you notice, I apply different ways of implementing adfly link on this blog. This method is one of the experiments to get more clicks from visitors. It seems this trial also shows good result.

As you can see for yourself that out of a total of 464 clicks, this blog is given a commission $ 0.5898. While the minimum withdrawal is $ 5. It’s clear that much work to be done in order to achieve the minimum withdrawal commission as fast as I can.

For your information, this blog aims to be able to make withdrawals in one week. With a simple calculation, the total number of clicks required is 5000 clicks in a week. Is it achievable? I would require hard work to make it happen!

If you remember, I had a preliminary conclusion that the visitors who come from search engines (search traffic) are more likely to click on Pay Per Click ads form. If you look at the results of make money from blog report, the theory seem in line with the result, but would need to be tested further.

Interested to try Adfly? Please visit adfly  and learn about adfly product.

Are you trying to make money from blog? Why do not you share your experience in the comments? I believe other readers would be happy to hear it too.

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This is it, a report on “make money from blog September 2012”. If you have any feedback, suggestions, or opinions …. please do not hesitate to pass it through the available boxes below.

  1. Wow Okto a great report, very open and honest with a lot of great detail that people can take and learn from. The work you do and the quality of your blog will reap you big rewards in the future but more importantly you are helping a lot of people out as well.

    Does my shares count? I often share your English posts on Twitter but I do it manually via and Tweetadder and not your Twitter share button. As for sharing this one is being shared today as well.
    Great post, I look forward to the next, have a great week and speak soon.
    Andi the Minion recently posted..Tim’s Minions Interviews: Ramsay the Blog TyrantMy Profile

    • Okto

      Hi Andi,
      Thanks so much for the supports :)

      Your shares? Well, basically I have this problem too … I found that sometimes my own shares on twitter are not counted. On the other hand, I don’t understand technical matters. So, I just report what it is displayed here in my blog until the end of the month.

      Once again thanks so much for making this post goes viral :)

      Wish you all the best

  2. Ehsan Ullah

    Hey Okto, You are doing a great job here by sharing the monthly report because as Andi said, lots of newbies can learn a lot from this report. One thing I would like to suggest you is that you should focus more on writing English articles.
    Ehsan Ullah recently posted..How To Encourage First Time Visitors To Stay On Your BlogMy Profile

    • Okto

      Hi Ehsan,

      Thanks for the support. Yup you are right, I should pay more focus on english articles. I guess I can start with that next year. I’d like to see how far I can go first with this blogging plan so that I can evaluate to do better next year.

      Thanks for the feed back

  3. This is the 1st time ever that I have seen the reports of a blogger… People hardly open up their statuses.. It really feels nice to see such posts on the blog! :-)

    I hope to see an awesomer report in the next month.. Best Of Luck Okto! :-)
    Zainil recently posted..The 1st Commercial Of 1 Billion UsersMy Profile

    • Okto

      Hi Zainil,

      Thanks for the support and feedback

  4. Hey man,
    Your detailed and honest report is impressive.

    Tell me buddy, I have not run text ads on my blog before but I can’t stand 464 clicks that generate less than $1. Is there nothing better bro?

    BTW, thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. That’s how I located your blog 😉
    Enstine recently posted..7 reasons why bloggers fail with Google AdsenseMy Profile

    • Okto

      Hi Enstine,

      There’s one problem I have. My adsense request has never been approved and I am tired waiting for it. I’ve tried infolinks too, but my account was banned without a chance to defend myself.

      That’s why I come with adfly. The commission’s on adfly depends on visitors origin. Based on their information, clicks from US or UK visitors earn you bigger than any other places. That’s why my 464 clicks just give me less than $1. I am curious on how far I can go to reach payout.

      Thanks a lot for your feedback my friend

  5. Hi Okto, you are really doing a great job with This seems to be recurring income generator for you. Anyways, best of luck for the upcoming months.
    PrIyAnGsHu recently posted..How Do I Manage My Blogs During Exams ?My Profile

    • Okto

      Thanks my friend.

  6. Nicholle Olores

    Hi Okto, this really helps especially to the newbies like me. By this report I find something that could improve me more from making money online. Thanks for sharing this to us.
    Nicholle Olores recently posted..Celebrate Our Australian Heritage with Heritage DoorsMy Profile

    • Okto

      Hi Nicholle,
      Glad you stopping by and finding useful information here. :)



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