6 Benefits of Applying Transparency within Your Blog


The wave of transparency seems to be undeniable give profits to the actors. All entities (government and business) are on the track to the lanes of transparency. To some extend, it’s profitable for anyone implement it correctly and smartly. If you are blogger may be it’s the time for you applying transparency within your blog.

For those who already transparent enough within their blogs are Pat Flynn (who disclose his online income through monthly reports at smartpassiveincome), Corbett Barr (who open the traffic progress within his blog at thinktraffic), Onibalusi Bamidele (with his latest projects) and many more.

Why do these people transparent within their blog?

Transparency is important in running a business blogging. It could be a tool of communication between you and your potential readers or business to business community (in form of product reviews, direct ads, writing jobs, or other business opportuniy). It helps you create interpersonal yet professional relation that affect your blog development in the long run.

The benefits of applying transparency within your blog

Transparency show the real you. The bad side of online business has made so many people hardly trust each other. In the context of blogging business there are often people get curious whether an offer is scam or not. Being transparent you’re helping them overcome such problems. You are best to admit the problems you make and take actions to correct it rather than pretend it never happened. In the end,  people will understand that no body perfect, others often will extend the same understanding of your mistakes as they search for themselves when they make errors. Through your achievement, you encourage reader’s confidence in the midst of a pessimistic blogging business environment.

Transparency can assist you build audiences. Allowing others to know your success and failure create an honest sense to inspire readers to trust you when they see that you don’t attempt to fake the image of your blogging business. People like to use business transparency reports as their useful resource in facing challenge on their own business. It’s another form of list builder which provide benefits for both you and the reader.

Transparency can boost reader’s trust over to you. By disclosing a sensible image of blogging business, readers will trust your blog because they know that you show them the reality. Inspite of putting out bogus numbers or exaggerating your credibility, simply be honest about the condition of your blog and you will be amazed at how your readers will respect you for it. This is how I respect Onibalusi Bamidele with his latest blog project.

Transparency can help your blog more engaging to the reader. You may have noticed how many blogs do not reveal any details about ownership, nor do they offer adequate contact data. Suspicions that your blog wants to avoid interaction with readers will lead in fewer income. Those who succeed in blogging business understand that replying questions can be very time consuming, but don’t let that stop you from allowing your readers to reach you out easily.

Transparency can help improve your personal commitment. Don’t rely on confound words to trap readers into doing business with you. Be committed with you own offers. It can be in any form such as no ask refund policy, 100% money back guarantee etc. Once you commit, don’t make it even harder for readers having it.

Transparency can help you develop a network. Being transparent will lead you to a massive trust online. Bloggers more likely to be friends with others who being honest with what they have said. The characteristic of transparency bring you to a greater networks to the like-minded people on the net. The community can learn easily from your transparency thus they’ll award you with friendly networking.


People will say that transparency is nothing more than telling the truth, thus it is not easy to do. It’s natural if you won’t let yourself down admit mistakes that makes transparency putting you vulnerable somehow. However, applying transparency will improve reader’s trust to your blog. Reader’s trust can turn into profits in many ways. Therefore, in form of direct sales, transparency can transform regular reader to one of your potential costumers.

What do you think about the practical benefits of applying transparency within your blog? Is it only good for business purpose? We are more than happy to know your voice about it :)

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  1. Good post Okto but I think not every blogger is transparent specially in showing earnings report. I love Pat Flynn’s blog, Onibalusi is also emerging well. I love when probloggers say they earning 2o, 30 and even 40 thousand dollars per month, that is really impressive.
    Taswir Haider recently posted..31 Days to Build a Better Blog – Special $10 priceMy Profile

    • Okto

      Hi Taswir,
      Every blogger apply transparency differently I guess. After all it’s all depends on how you can assure the audiences. I’ve ever ask Pat if someone ever doubt him, he just reply it’s all up to them. It’s depends on individual perspective. To me, these guys are inspirations.

  2. Tracy

    This is a very informative blog and very true. Let’s face it, if you are speaking to someone who does not seem to know what they are talking about, chances are you are going to take your blogging business elsewhere.

    • Okto

      Hi Tracy,

      Thanks for your support. I do agree with you that transparency is one of the ways to develop online business :)

  3. I have been reading those blogs from long time, but I admit not knowing the importance of transparency and benefits of applying it on a blog. Gaining people’s trust is what I’ve been trying to do from long time.

    Thanks for sharing the benefits and importance of applying transparency Okto.
    Ehsan Ullah recently posted..Starting a Blog 101, My First Ever eBook LaunchMy Profile

    • Okto

      Hi Ehsan,

      Trust is essential in doing online activity, you are on the right track

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing feedback with us 😉

  4. Hey Octo,
    Noce topic. I think Being transparent is the best way to attain the readers trust. And getting readers trust means You’re successful in Online business.
    Thanks for sharing the benefits of transparency :)
    Istiak Rayhan recently posted..Speed Up & Secure Your WordPress Blog With CloudFlare Free CDNMy Profile

    • Okto

      Hi Istiyak,

      I do agree that it’s a smart way to build reader trust online.

      Thanks for stopping by and giving us your opinion :)



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