How to Success Guest Blogging : between Myth and Reality


How to success guest blogging? I bet you are already familiar with this information. But there is something different in this post. Something that you will never guess on how you can success to be a guest blogger.

There are many out-standing bloggers out there that already success putting their name on the net as guest bloggers.

You name it, Danny Iny (the Freddy Krueger’s of blogging), Onibalusi (a young blogger that wrote 250 guest posts in 8 months), Jane Sheeba (a success part time-blogger that write hundreds of guest posts while keep her 24/7 works), and more.

Each one of them has a post on a guidance of guest blogging. So, what make me think to create this post?

Guest Blogging is Not a Math

Guest blogging is a social activity, eventhough we made it on the net but the essence not changed. It’s the other way you communicate with other bloggers.

Despite many guidance out there about it, the result can’t be predicted. What those guidance (include mine here) is to give you enlighment on what alternative you can have to success your first guest blogging campaign.

First Guest Blogging Acceptance is Your Pathway to Online Presence

Why do I say “First”? first chance is always important, but that doesn’t mean if you fail at your first try you won’t succeed.

When you fail you should not stop to search your first chance and that’s how this guidance really works. If you feel confuse with all the existing guidance on the net then don’t you worry about it … I’m with you :D. That’s normal.

Take all guidance you need, note all the positive value you have and don’t forget to give it a try. Every theory you have on how to success guest blogging won’t mean anything if you are not trying it.

My first chance of guest blogging was “Advantage of Writing Online Blog Interview” on onlineincometeacher.

Ok now, let’s start my experience on how to success guest blogging

3 Basic Preparation to Success Guest Blogging

Read the Rules of Becoming Guest Blogger

Maybe it sounds easy, but many fail because they miss the basic rules of guest blogging. Every blogger has their own rules in accepting guest blogger. So … make sure you read it carefully.

Make Sure You Have Finished Your Draft before Submit the Request

In my experience, to finish our guest posting draft first, is important. This preparation can show your profesionalism as a blogger. It can build your initial positive image in front of the blog owner.

Introduce Yourself

I guess there are two options on these phases.

First, you can start by introducing yourself from blog commenting. Make sure you leave a good image on your comment.

Leaving a good comment can encourage your relationship with the blog owner, if that so your chance to be his/her next guest blogger is bigger than before.

I have tried this in probloggingsuccess. After several time do blog commenting on Jane’s blog I try to propose a guest blogging request. Here is my email to Jane :

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And the result is “How Can You Find Blog Readers Without a Huge List of Subscribers”

Do you think the first methods (above) is absolute? If you think so then think again 😀

Why I have to say it like that? Because I myself have smashed it. Let’s see the second method

Second, send your request by email. My latest guest post on netchunks about How Can You Take Advantage of Spam Comments is somehow accepted without initial relationship.

I am completely new to Shiva (the owner), and I just follow the tips from Gregory Ciotti on using email to connect with others.

So I just contact Shiva and propose my request. All done by email.

In this (second example) I am not attaching my latest guest post link. I am completely offers an idea to the blog owner on my personal experiment of spam comments.

The result is my article (How Can You Take Advantage of Spam Comments) goes live on netchunks.

What Message Should You Include in Your Email for Guest Blogging Request?

When I talk about this, there is one post that always pop-up in my mind. The one created by Michael Dunlop titled “How to Write a Viral Guest Post for an A-List Blog”.

He stated that blogger (moreover the A-list one) is a busy person. So make sure your email is short, clear and simple.

As I mentioned before, I am not doing exactly what Michael Dunlop had done. I make some modification. So here is some capture on my email request for a guest blogging :

As you can see on the picture above, There is some ingredients that I always put in my guest blogging request. Namely, the title, length of the post, some description that contain problem solving.

What Can You Do Next?

As I said before …. you can try this methods exactly as I do, you can modify it, or you can have your own way. It is social activity not a math, isn’t it? what can I give you is a new perspective on this particular topics.

I believe many of you have tried and succeed in guest blogging but there are many others who struggling to get their first guest blogging acceptance.

If you fail at your first try, never give-up and give another try.

Now why don’t you share your experience on How to Success Guest Blogging whether success or not it’s not so important. More important is you share your experience that will help others get their first guest blogging acceptance. Please leave some comments below 😀

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