23 Tips Using Social Media to Promote Your Business


Social media is great way to promote your product without having to go over your budget. Additionally, through social media you have non-stop possibility to keep in touch with your customers, listen to their advice and give them (or at least try to) what they ask for. We give you some easy tips to drive customers to your business by using some of the most popular social networking sites — Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube.

23 Social Media Tips for Small Business23 Social Media Tips for Small Business

1. Set up a page with clear logo of your company

2. Post special offers (once or more times a month) for those who Like and Share your page

3. Interact with your customers – post polls with short, interesting questions about your products or a topic in the domain of your business. For example, if you sell jewelry, ask what type of necklace would they wear to a birthday party

4. Encourage customers to share on page photos in which they are featured with your

5. Organize competitions in relation to your brand and give rewards

6. Communicate with your page visitors on a personal level – if they send you a message, don’t just ignore it and leave it for later. Always respond within 24h since send time. If you cant help with what your customer is asking, tell them you will do everything in your power to take their suggestion into consideration. Also, always thank them for showing

7. Twert short, fun and interesting facts about how you’ve started your business and where you got the idea from

8. Provide links to your page that lead to quick purchasing of some of your items

9. TweetPic photos related to your brand

10. Announce teasers for upcoming products through short tweets

11. Re-tweet other brands as this shows you are not vain and there is plenty of marketing space for everybody. Show you stand by your product

12. If somebody tweets you, don’t forget to tweet back. Customer is your number one

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13. Create a YouTube channel

14. Regularly add some useful, fun and educational videos related to your product

15. Encourage visitors of your channel to like and share your videos

16. Go personal! Each week post a video of yourself giving advice on how a certain product from your brand should be used or announcing new products that you are about to launch

17. If you feel your story of success is interesting, share it with your viewers in short posts (every week a 15 minute video)

18. Encourage your customers to upload videos of themselves using your product and giving comments/feedback on it

19. Create a LinkedIn profile

20. Add links that lead to your other pages into your website

21. Update your profile with new stuff, anything that is of your personal interest – what you are reading, product reviews, and similar

22. Give recommendations for fellow brands and expect them to pay the favor back

23. Join LinkedIn groups that may be popular with many of your customers and interact: comments related to the products or services you offer and questions about what they would want to see in your brand are more than welcome

Whether you are a fan of social networking or not, you have got to admit the benefits of being online. Not only you get informed about plenty of content coming from all around the world, but you also get to market your brand for free!

This post is written by Diana Smith. She is a full time mother of two and a business coach. She is interested in topics related to business. So far, she has helped promoting business online namely rof.com.au and inoneprojects.