Search for a Job through the Net? Here’s Some Tips

Searching Jobs Through the Net TipsThis guest post is by Tonya Wilson

The internet can offer you incredible resources if you are looking for a job, with many opportunities for networking, advertising your skills, getting to meet companies looking for new employees and posting your resume for prospective new employers to have a look at and hopefully, give you a call and an interview. However, if you do not search for jobs online properly, with a coherent strategy, you might end up chasing shadows while expending a lot of energy that ultimately will be fruitless. Below are some tips to assist you search for a job online productively.

Have a plan:
This is very important. Having a plan will assist you to know exactly what you want, what companies and organizations you are willing to work for, how you will notify these companies of your job skills and availability, as well as to be aware when these companies might be looking to recruit new employees, and filling vacancies you are qualified for. Having a plan will save you time, streamline your search, and keep you focused.

Search effectively:
Once you have a plan, ensure you put it to place and follow it diligently. There are potentially millions of new job offers online, so to ensure you only go through relevant job postings, ensure that you use job search engines such as, as well as having an updated resume on LinkedIn that will ensure that you are notified only of jobs that are relevant to your skills and dreams.

Have an online portfolio:
By now, you probably have a resume that you have uploaded onto the internet. If you wish to go a step further than your competition, it is time to create an online portfolio where prospective employers can find all your resumes, obtain contact information, know more about you, and click on some of your links to check out some of the videos you have done, blogs, articles and experience. Some of the links you can paste are those to your video resumes that will talk more about your likes and dreams, as well as explain more about your resume. This is a neat strategy that enables prospective employees to see that you are serious, and learn more about you.

Networking sites such as can really assist you to meet professionals in your job field, network with prospective employers, and get some great tips from fellow job searchers as well as professionals on some job openings you might be interested in. you might end up getting a contact number from one of your networks and get a job offer! It is important to network online as much as outside the internet, so make sure you do this.

Clean up your online potential:
Many employees these days are trawling through social media and the internet to learn more about their potential future employees. We have all updated a status or sometimes a picture that we might not be too proud of, so ensure that you clean up your online footprint to ensure that employees will not be horrified and turn you down based on some of the unsavory things you might have said or done online.

Do not give up:
Searching a job is a hardworking and demanding task, and it is important to know that many times, you will be disappointed by prospective employers, high qualification standards that may be above your skills and rejections. Patience pays, so keep trying hard, believe in yourself and stick to your plan and ultimately you will be rewarded by a job offer.

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