How to Turn Regular Posts Into Popular Posts and Make It Help You Achieve Business Goals

Regular posts that turn into popular posts has one meaning for website/blog owner, it’s contain the most exposed parts of a website or a blog. It’s highly profitable to deliver any message in such a place. Have you ever think that way?

Every blogger or website owner always update their posts to attract as many readers as possible.  Each blog has their own frequency of updates, it can be once a week, twice or may be three times a day. You can go along with update frequency you like.

Sometimes content updates become regular activities for blog author but then readers have their own desire to respond on those posts. Some posts will come as recent posts and some other posts will turn into popular posts.

Most blog owner will see this as a part of content marketing process. If you willing to look deeper, regular posts that turn into popular posts have particular advantage in achieving your business goals.

What Does Popular Posts Can Give You?

Basically it’s all about delivering your business message to realize your business goals through your blog contents.

If many people see or read your business message what will you think?

I believe it’s something that many online business people like to get.

If you offers online coaching thus it will be great if every single visitors (or the majority of your blog visitors) see your offers, won’t you?

At some point it can be better than pop-up advertisements or opt-in strategy that not every blog visitors like to see when they first time hit your blog posts wherever they come from. (organic or referral traffic)

It’s like natural marketing that flows as visitors read information they looking for. That’s how popular posts help you reach business goals.

Popular posts can be your profitable sales page (if you do it smart way) to offer many of your products, services or an affiliate promotion or in general to monetize your blog.

How exactly to do that? Before we go to the step by step on how to make it happen, there is a good reason if you take a look on why regular posts can turn into popular.

Let’s take a look ….

What Makes Regular Posts Turn Into Popular Posts?

If we talking about people there must be a lot of reasons why regular or infamous people turn into someone popular.

But what if it’s a post or in other word a blog content?

What makes it turn into popular?

There are two general reasons why something goes popular …. lucky or well-prepared.

If you mentioned about lucky there is no use I talk further about it 😉

So let’s take the chance of being popular because you’re well-prepared for it.

How to prepare a posts to be popular?

The SEO (search engine optimization) Friendly Structure

Search engine is a major reasons for many blogs to get exposed. They have collected your article’s link to display it in front of millions of information seekers/search engine users.

Do you believe that this is a major reasons? Just take a look on your traffic reports and tell us what is the biggest traffic generators for your blog?

Most blog get readers from search engine (from organic traffic) so that it’s considerably efficient if you set up your content with SEO friendly structure. If you have prepared your post to SEO friendly structure you have prepared it to get more exposure from readers.

Here are some points you can use about it :

*The title should consist of the keywords you have targeted.

For example :

If the post title is “How to Boost Traffic Blog through Blog Commenting” and the targeted keyword is “boost blog traffic” there will be good possibility to get a good rank for your article link on the search engine.

*Your URL should contain the keywords you have targeted.

For example :

If the post title is “How to Turn Regular Posts Into Popular and Make It Help You Achieving Your Business Goals” and your targeted keyword is “popular posts” then your SEO friendly URL’s should be

*The amount of keywords should be well implemented on the content (if your blog content is an article). In other words this strategy called as keyword density. Read more about keyword density.

*Placement of the article links (in form of hyperlink) within your article. Normally it’s save to do it twice .

For example :

If you have several keywords in the whole article, let’s say the keyword is “popular posts” and that article URL is then you can “insert link” into a two sentence of “popular posts” within your complete article. After you done that you can see the text look like this :

“….Regular posts that turn into popular posts has one meaning for website/blog owner, it’s contain the most exposed parts of a website or a blog. It’s highly profitable to deliver any message in such a place….

*The use of image filename on your posts. Make sure you edit the images file name that consist of your keywords.

For example :

If your post is about personal development and your keywords is “be better person fast” then your image filename should be “be-better-person-fast.jpg”

It’s Viral Ability

Being a popular posts means being visible easily. Once you made a content updates, what did you do the next step? Are you just sit quiet in back of your computer, watch google analytics to know how many visitors come to your blog or check your admin to see whether someone has put some comments on it?

Do the posts have it’s viral ability?

Popular post happens because many people see and read the post. That’s how it really works, the more people see your post the more popular your blog content is.

One of the easiest way to invite readers is start from your own network. Ask your relatives or blogger friend to read the latest posts. It can be even better, you can ask them to share your post to their networks. If you can do this, it’s an absolute answer that your posts going to viral.

Friend’s recommendation is the strongest magnet to pull people interest to do the same … to read it

The next thing you can do besides inviting your network to make it viral, don’t forget to do another  important thing in making a viral posts. The magic words, “call to action”. Include persuasive sentence at the closing paragraph that stated your invitation to ask readers share what they have read in.

The last important thing to do in making a viral post is made it easy to go viral. Make sure you have set social plugins within your contents. This way, visitors will easily share your contents in their own personal networks.

Internal Linking the Smart Way

Internal linking is smart way to direct more readers into a particular article. More people read one of your posts mean one of those going to be popular in your blog. As simple as that.

How to make it happen?

*Insert your article link in related word or sentence within your blog posts.

Just take a look on sample paragraph I have taken from one of John Morrow’s blog posts below :

If you really want to improve your life, you should get an advanced degree, write a book, or even start your own business, not hang all your hopes and dreams on some stupid little blog. There’s no money in it

There’s link in the word “money” which is direct readers to an article titled “How to Make More Money from Adfly Text Link Advertisements”. If more people click the link it’s definitely will make the destination article from regular into popular posts in no time.

Does it effective to persuade readers click on it? The answer is not an absolute YES but it’s worth to try.

*Give strong persuasion.

I have seen other blogs implement this. Unfortunately I have forgotten the exact address of that blog URL but I have taken advantage by implementing the same strategy here.

Strong persuation basically is your invitation to ask reader read the next article to get better information on a short issue that being discussed. As a persuasion and strong in nature then the best way to do that is by direct readers to do what you want using the word “READ”.

If you take John Morrow paragraph above as example again then instead of using “insert link” in the word of “money” I would like to add “ Read : How to Make More Money from Adfly Text Link Advertisements

This is strong because you explicitly display “read” to persuade readers to literally read the article you have provided.

You can put your article this way to make it popular.

*Suggest or recommend other article.

It’s a smart move to suggest reader to read other article in your blog. To make it happen just make a suggestion or recommendation.

You can do this manually by adding suggestion at the end of your article.

Here is an example :

Or if you are in wordpress, there are some useful plugins you can use to turn regular posts into popular posts :

The more reader attract to read your next article the more chance your article will become popular posts in homepage menu.

That’s how exactly I turn my regular posts into popular posts within a particular period. The next questions will be how to make it achieve your business goals?

How to Make Popular Posts Help You Achieve Your Business Goal

The key is visibility.

Popular means a lot of people have read it and will attract more new reader to read it too. It’s smart advertisements.

That’s the whole point is. You can use it to promote your own eBook, coaching, affiliate promotion, referral promotion, or other form of business goal.

For example:

If your business goal is to make money from affiliate marketing you can add your most profitable affiliate banner in those popular posts.

Or you can put affiliate article links little bit more often in your popular posts so that you can drive targeted visitors into your affiliate article promotion. It’s also the same to offer your own products or services using your blog.

This is exactly how popular posts help me earn cash from affiliate marketing in this blog.

What Does “Popular Posts” Means to You?

Something popular contain highly commercial value almost in every mean. When something got popular it’s like little bit easy to make money from it.

What’s your view on this? Are you seeing the potential of turning regular posts into popular posts as a way to achieve business goal from your blog? Please share your voices about it 😀

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