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For all online businesses that are trying to make sales through a website, increasing visibility on the World Wide Web is of crucial importance. Google Analytics is a platform that actually allows you to track the number, and kinds of visits to your website, and provides you with an array of similar information – such as how many visitors return for a second look, how many visit from mobile phones, just to name a few. Having this kind of information literally at your fingertips can be invaluable when you want to draw up a solid marketing strategy for your brand. Here are a few simple tips on how to use Google Analytics to improve your online marketing campaign.

SEO for more hits

One of the most interesting features of Google Analytics is the search engine optimisation option, called SEO. This actually lets you see which keywords are attracting the most number of visitors to your site, and which ones are duds. Once you know this, you can use the keywords to your advantage to increase the footfall on your website. Take this route: click on Traffic Sources, choose the Sources option, then click on the Search tab, and select Organic. This will give you a detailed list of the kind of search words that lead to visits to your site. Using the statistics, you can reinforce the use of the popular keywords on your site content. Also, once you know what kind of searches are leading people to your website, you can customize your business plans – whether in the form of new products or fresh marketing strategies – based on that information. Sometimes you’ll realize that searches for things you didn’t expect are leading people to your website. This kind of feedback could be invaluable, allowing you to expand, or even limit your services or tweak the content on your website.

Network better

All online businesses that are keen on making it big use social media networks avidly to spread the word and garner more clients. Another feature of Google Analytics can help you determine the network which is most profitable. Click on Traffic Sources, go to Social and then to Overview, and you can tell at a glance whether it’s Twitter, Facebook or Google Plus that is bringing you more potential customers.

Who’s visiting?

You may also want to know what kind of online devices are being used to travel to your website – Computers? Laptops? or mobile phones? This kind of feedback will give you valuable clues as to what kind of audience is seeking out your services or products. Click on Audience, go to Mobile and then choose Overview – and you have all the information at your disposal. You can also use the information to your advantage by then making special arrangements on your website for the devices through which the maximum numbers of hits come in – if it’s a mobile phone, maybe you can customize an app that makes it easier for mobile users to do transactions with you from their cell phones.

Content control

You can also use Google Analytics to figure out which of your website pages are most popular, using the Content> Site Content > All Pages pathway. This route will give you complete lowdown on what kind of pages to keep and what to let go. Saves you a lot of time, effort and even money for your future endeavours!

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