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Landing Page Tips for Bloggers


Landing page can be translated as a part of your blog or website that is aimed to generate further action that you want to.

Actually it can be more than one meaning about landing page, but that’s the essence. It’s a place where you lead more interaction with your visitor.

If you are deemed blogging as serious business, not just a hobby, then having well-prepared landing page is a smart move to start making money from it.

As previously stated, there are many purpose you can target with a landing page. One of the most common is to build lists, which can be your unstoppable online income stream in the future.

Having a list can help you a lot to build relationship with the community who have interest on what you are doing.

In today’s world of crowd niche, popularity is a crucial part, and that’s how a lists can help you stand-out.

A well-prepared landing page could be a best places to generate lists for your business interest. That’s why you need to acknowledge the landing page tips for bloggers as follows :

Making Your First Landing Page

Frankly speaking, most bloggers do not take blogging as serious business but a hobby. That’s why most of them are overlooked on having a landing page. And at this stage, you need to keep in mind that you should to give it a try to make your very own landing page from now on.

When starting your first landing page, many people would like to make it as a problem solver. Honestly, a great headline and a few words can not make any change in your list building progress. In term of blogging, a landing page can function as a way to build credibility.

Make a landing page that is easy to read, exceptional, having clear message, proper longevity and quality information. By doing these, you will make it easy for readers to do exactly what you want them to do.

Focus on The Blog Topic

As bloggers, it’s quiet important to be focused on your topic, and it is in making your landing page.

Focus on your topic of discussion will leverage your personality as professional on what you have blogging about. This way, you will have yourself respected as a resourceful person on such topic. People will likely come to you for solution (or to some extend take the offered service).

Include Email Opt-in

Well, this is one of my disadvantage in dual language blog. Yet, there are actually many ways you can do to collect visitors email these days. If you noticed, readers can have full control to check the follow-up comments box, and this what you can use to build relationship with your readers

I personally optimize this because I have two language-based readers, of course I want them to get information in a language that they easily understand. This way, I can make sure they get the real message.

If your blog is in English or at least in one language, then it should be easier. Most webmasters avail pop-up box while other placing the optin box on the landing page.

Placing subscription box below call to action are deemed the best way to generate list in landing page. It make them think for a second after reading your article, thus if they subscribe, it’s mean you have highly interested people on your list.

Create Interlinking Pages with Your Landing Page

as a part of your website, a landing page can rank better in search engine if you know how to optimize it. Start it with keyword research. All you need is to target the right keywords for the landing page.

Then, interlink the landing page with other pages. Interlinking method can strengthen inner page of your site. This simple method can bring your landing page to show up on serach engine.

Tell Them What You Want

It’s well-known as call to action. A call to action will ease the readers to take the next step after enjoy your content. Tell them what you want and most of them will actually do.

Though you have clearly put the opt-in box, even at the most strategic places some where on your website, never assume they will notice it. You need to ask them what you want, give them the benefits of becoming subscribers through your landing page.

Most bloggers believe building a lists are important nowadays, thus many of you must be concerned about landing page tips for bloggers. So, if you have more landing page tips for bloggers that missed on above post, please let us now about it, leave your tips on comment box below.