How to Solve Web Host Dilemma

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I have some recommendation from my friends about web host dilemma, whether directly through my email , social media account, or direct conversation. The most recommendations are Host Gator, Blue Host, and Host Monster. After knowing about that recommendations then I was wondering on what make these three different. That is why I make this post to provide you additional insight about what web hosting you could use.

I found that Blue Host and Host Monster started their business in 1996 while Host Gator started a decade ago. As new player in the business I think Host Gator has proven it existence by having many awards and recognition. Some of the Host Gator awards and recognitions are :

  • 2011 Best Free Website Transfer Service

How about the features, in my experience everyone have different desire, but the features provided by the three web host are so competitive. This is a good sign for costumers to have affordable web hosting to support online business needs. Here are the feature that most of my fellow blogger try to find out:

Besides the features, most people also ask for prices. Here are the price comparisons:

I am not pretty sure about the other two but Host Gator accept monthly usage basis for user. The period package are a range from monthly, 6 months, 1 year, 2 year and 3 year. The $3.96 monthly charge is the cheapest (3 years hatchling package) that available in Host Gator. The best thing to know about this pricing matters is you don’t need to be Host Gator costumer to know it, all the price packages are disclosed in Host Gator website.

That’s what I can tell about some web hosting that come around at my email and blog discuss. I am personally use Host Gator. Why I finally decide to use it? Here are my reasons :

  • Brand. First time I see Host Gator advertisement was from Google Adwords. I have taken a visit to their site and take some knowledge about the product. Then, I am pretty sure to use it as my web host after all the excellent imaging from the awards and recognitions they have;
  • Prices. I am doing online business here, thus web hosting prices are considerable for me. I am interesting with the offers, I think that was pretty low price for all the benefit you can have in the end;
  • Costumer Services. I am not a tech savvy person. Even though they have provided step-by-step guidance to use Host Gator in their blog, I still find it difficult to understand. I found my technical problems are solved easily through chat services;
  • Some of my favorite prominent bloggers use it too. The best part of online business is we can see how other people use the online product. Like I said previously, I had many web host recommendation from my fellow blogger, and Host Gator is one of it. I think other recommendation is the best advise to me to make decision.

If you interested to use Host Gator, you can take a look first at their site. You will see that you will have 20% Discount if you purchase directly. But if you use couponNotOrdinaryBlogger” you will get 25% Discount to purchase the same package.

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Please purchase the web hosting if you are sure it will help your business goals or If you like this post please share it so other could also benefit in their search of web hosting, or if you have some experience on web host dilemma, that would be great, please share your experiences in comments box bellow.


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