How to Make $284 Selling Kindle Ebook

Selling Kindle EbookMay be many of us think that make $284 is not a worthwhile goal for selling kindle ebook but do you know that making your first $100 is a bit critical in make money online journey. It’s not about how to be an awesome marketer that manage to earn six figures selling products, it’s all about how to make realistic achievable goal that give you confidence when you accomplish it.

Now before you give me a straight question, this is all about the story of Steve Scott selling his kindle ebook. He’s one of many great online marketer I know around. And the story about his kindle ebook can be found here (link to his post)

With all the achievements Steve has taken from selling kindle ebook, it sounds effective to me. So here’s the important strategies I have learned from his achievable kindle ebook launch result (that I believe you can try for your next similar product launch)

Technology is Your Online Business Partner

Kindle is one of the most wanted gadget recently. In 2011, kindles had reached millions devices sales. With the positive trends of kindles growth, it is absolutely great opportunity for bloggers provide a product which can be used with kindles. Kindle ebook is just a perfect fit for bloggers that loves to generate revenue stream by creating paid product

Use an Authoritative Marketplace

It is impetus to make your product information reachable through as many channels as possible. Today, the scope of potential distribution has increased a great deal thanks to the advances in internet.

In the case of Steve’s kindle ebook, he has chosen Amazon which is great place for kindle related products. With all the network Amazon has, it’s a lucrative place for marketing effort.

Amazon is determined and committed to keep using, building and selling off that compute and storage capacity. In April 2012 it announced the Amazon Marketplace a way to parlay both the IT expertise and company’s retail to sell third-party technology services along with its own.

Turning Amazon into our leverage media for ebook marketplace is one of many lucrative methods, isn’t it?

Create Link Wheel

When you launch a product, may be you think to give as high as possible rate to receive bigger profit from it. From Steve’s experience, I realize that price is not everything all about, moreover if you have a brand new blog to build.

The smart idea is, he establish authority for his another site by publishing kindle ebook. He simply add link to his blog posts and call to action reviewing his product in Amazon. So that’s the link wheel I’m talking about. You drive costumers (visitors) from one place to another with all your name on it. In the end, you are the authority.

Find Promotion Funnels

If you have something to be told, of course it’s going to be a lot easier if you found someone with great network sent your message. And that’s how exactly Steve manage to bring his kindle ebook to the higher out reach.

Here’s how he had promoted his kindle ebook:

  • List of free promotion sites that Tom Corson-Knowles has on his blog
  • Purchased Fiverr gigs that offer to promote a free ebook.  If you like to see the gigs, here they are : 1st gig, 2nd gig and 3rd gig.
  • Posted an update on Pat Flynn’s Facebook Group.

On the 3 ways he promoted his kindle ebook, making a post on Pat Flynn’s Facebook Group is kind a tricky for you to follow. I think it’s quiet clear that Steve has a good relationship with Pat that made him able to post such an update. That is exactly what you need to consider before you do the same marketing strategy or else you are just an amateur marketer that mark as spammers.


Selling kindle ebook isn’t as complicated as it’s made out to be. At its most essential it is characterized principally by who you sell to, what you deal and how you deal. It’s also important to stop procrastinating and keep writing your e-book until finish.

If you find yourself stuck finishing your first one check out this stuff : Publishing e-Book for Dummies

Making money selling our own product is a great way to boost our confidence in online business development. It’s practically show that we are on the right track in build revenue, confidence, authority and relationship all in one package.

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Had you ever tried to make money selling kindle ebook? How effective did you think that was ?

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