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Monthly Report July 2013


I am late in making this report due to the internet connection problem. I do sorry for that. Well, here’s the report …..

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Guest Bloggers

  • Edward Olson, marketing manager.
  • Laura Winter, freelance author.
  • Ella Rich, advertising expert.
  • Sergio Bonaducci, professional web developer.
  • Alexander Vesia, employee at Numero Uno Web Solutions.

Last paragraph

This month alexa rank was decreased compare to last month position. There’s only one change where I am getting busy with a study case project and offline work. Thus I don’t have plenty of time to do blog commenting (which I like most) or other networking method. I assume this is the cause why the alexa rank was drop. I know alexa is not everything all about but somehow it has value for online business plan. And this blog is a good place for me or to anyone who read it to learn from.

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