Free Methods to Jump Start Your Online Marketing

method puzzle illustrationThis guest post is by Veronica Clyde

If you’ve just launched an online business or have been neglecting your online marketing, then it’s time to get things going with a few free tips that you can utilize quickly and easily.

Use Google Analytics

You need to install Google Analytics right away, even if you don’t use it immediately. Your tracking data is highly valuable and the longer the history of data you have, the more you can analyze. Figure out the specifics later, but make sure you’re tracking everything right away. There’s really nothing to lose by doing this.

Use Free Local Business Directories

They may not be the highest traffic options, but everything adds up so you want to make sure that you are listed in all of the available free business directories. The most important free directory is the Google Local Business Center, but Yahoo,, Yelp and Localeze are some of the other popular sites you should check out.

These can also improve your SEO if they link back to you.

Check Out the Competition

Obviously you don’t want to copy your competitors to the chance of losing differentiation or breaking copyright law, but you should scout out similar businesses and try to figure out what is working well for them. If it can apply to your business strategy as well, then you should use it. That goes for online marketing as well.

Check out why competition is good for making money online

Start a Blog

You can get a blog going pretty quickly these days and it can help your SEO and make you appear more like a person than a faceless business to your customers. Those are both good reasons to get going. So is the fact that it gives your repeat customers reasons to check back on your website often, which could create more business.



These are just a few ideas and there are lots of great methods to improve your online marketing available out there. Once you utilize these tactics, begin doing some research and figuring out what all-encompassing strategies might make the most sense for you.

Search engine optimization and advertising purchases are the basic, common ways to get started full force, but things are always changing so stay on top of the trends.

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