Want Your Facebook Posts to be Shared like Crazy? Here are Some of the Ideas

2014-10-29T115521Z_01_AA38_RTRIDSP_3_FACEBOOK-RESULTS-29-10-2014-13-10-40-943Even a 5 year old can tell, Pictures draw more attention than a piece of text, and when a piece of text follows a high quality, relevant image, the chances of engagement are 2 times. Most of the Facebook posts are images; even more are accompanied by a relevant piece of text then why don’t they get popular, gathering likes and shares. The reach is one part but what if the engagement is null in spite of hundreds of views. There is a problem with your post, or your post is not enticing like thousands others.

Creative marketers, on the other hand, create Facebook posts that not only reach viewers’ eyes but also their emotions. They create set back over viewer’s mind that make them irresistible to open the link just below that desirable image—content with psychological impact.

That doesn’t mean you have to hire the best designer in the town and have to spend thousands of dollar. I can help you to create those crazy images that can make any viewer irresistible without the fuss and hypes.

Stock Photographs above the Link

Wrote the best blog of your life and putted it on Facebook with an image of your blog’s logo. Chances are no one is ever going to hit that link. In short, your hard work is not paying back, all in vain.

So where you went wrong? You utilised 3 hours of your time in writing the blog and only 5 minutes in efforts to promote it. Unless your logo is designed by Rob Janoff, People are hardly be tempted to check anything accompanying it.

So what to use rather than the logo or an image from your website? Have you heard of Stock photography, the supply of photographs licensed for specific uses? If you have heard of websites like shutterstock, istockphoto, then you know what I am talking about. Stocked images from a credible source, though costly, are generally more credible, sleek, and relevant than those made by your in-house designers. Those images are made by renowned graphic experts and are available for public use at a licensing fee. Using a relevant one along with your blog link on a social media platform can be a real brand and engagement booster

Screenshots in case of “how to” blogs

Alright, you boosted social referral traffic to one of your client’s website by 60% after a successful Facebook campaign. You start promoting your recent feat on number of places—your business blog, third party website, Facebook etc. in order to gain new clients. However, the returns are far from expected.

Many people, including the potential clients, believed you’re either desperate who’s exaggerating or a deceiver. Both ways they’ll be hesitant to work with you.

Don’t make tall claims without proofs, or screenshots in case of an online accomplishment. In the above case, if you would had placed the relevant screenshots of your website’s Google Analytics property, too, while promoting, things would have gone a different way. Humans have this very tendency “believe what you see”. Anybody can make tall claims, high profile exaggeration, not many can provide proofs in the form of screenshots. By providing screenshot, you’re actually standing tall in the front of those deceivers.

Make your picture sing—Infographics

As I always say, a picture is worth a thousand word. Human brain can process images 60, 000 times faster than a similar piece of text. Why not take this property of our brain to next level with Infographics, a set of images and text telling a story without those cluttered block of text or delusional images but a simple, neatly present infograph.

Infographics is a great methodology when you have to explain the audience about process flows and architectures.

Make sure your infographics are easily understandable and engaging for guaranteed returns.

Images with motivation

Remember your high school days, those motivational posters filling the display of your school counsellor’s office. The spin-offs of those posters are still popular among netizens. Why not use them to boost your Facebook posts. A motivational message engraved an image is already doing wonders in terms of online engagement. You can too take advantages. The best part is anybody with basic image editing skills can make a high quality “text over image”.

Reflect your brand and its values


IF the question “why the users are choosing my competitors above me” is bothering you, then there is a problem with your brand. It lacks in terms of prominence, transparency, and excellence of a major brand. On top of them, you’re shy to promote your brand to a higher level.

Occasionally, place Facebook posts around your brand to strengthen the foundations and associated brand loyalty.


Don’t put photos in your Facebook posts for the sake of putting. After making a few posts, ask yourself which of them will catch the viewers’ eyes and reaches fans emotion.

Whether you’re using stock images, screenshots, or “images with motivation”, make sure they will entice your audience. Things may be a bit sceptic initially, but a few test posts and soon you’ll know what is working for you and your business.

This post and all images submitted by Jignesh Parmar. Published first on notordinaryblogger in 13 May 2015

Jignesh Parmar is the digital marketing analyst & strategist at Intesols. For the last three years, he is helping small businesses and start-ups to gather the right online marketing tactic. He is passionate about everything digital, and his life revolves around online marketing world. You can follow him on Twitter or reach out to him via Linkedin.



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