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How To Use Images In Web Designing? The Latest Trends To Follow For Your Blog!


This guest post is by Maria Shehar Bano

A picture has more power to grab the attention of the targeted audience than the words. Images in a web design help in engaging the visitors during their stay over there; however, with changing tastes of the uses, web designers have to keep pace with the prevailing trends. Such consuming content has given rise to sites like Pinterest and Instagram.

Regardless of the designing techniques, the main thing to consider is how much detailed content is presented to the targeted audiences. Here are some tips to keep the site visitors engaged.

Images Occupying The Full Screen

This is the latest trend of the web designing field. Responsive frameworks are being utilized by many designers to make their landing pages stunning with the help of vector designs and photography. The portfolio design should be engaging for the visitors while letting them to move for further information. The concept is great for designers and for photographers, but for other businesses it seems to be tough to use this framework. However, it’s the expertise of the designers to go with this approach and give the business some edge over other rivals.

Images Supported By Text

Incorporating text with images is another effective approach followed by web designers. It uses large-scale photos to present a single idea and then text compliment the idea while grabbing the attention of the visitors. However, it can’t go well with de-saturated or blurred photos. For poor landing of the text over images, design elements or opaque boxes can be used as spacer between text and photo.

Using Images For Navigation

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Using images for navigation purpose is a popular trend. Facebook and Pinterest ask the visitors to click on images that are of 300 pixels. This has been followed by designers as they replace the text-based navigation with hover effects. When supplemented by colors, text effects, and layout, this approach becomes quite effective.

Using Images As Texture

The simplest way to use images is in the form of texture. Instead of using images with punch and pop, designers should think about using them in subtle doses. Natural texture let the designs rise high and make some mark among many other tough competitors.

The trends in web designing are not bad to follow, but the focus should be towards a balanced path, good display of the information, and creativity. These are things that a professional web designer should consider while creating masterpieces, considering the latest trends.

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