8 Ways To Promote Website for Free

Promoting website is a major activity every website owner have to do. While you can spend some money to promote your website through pay per click ads, direct ads, offline ads and so on, there are several other ways you can do it for free. Yes, you can promote your website without spending a dime.

This is what going to be shared in this post. 8 ways to promote website for free.

Search Engine Promotion

Search engine works every minute through its bots to grab all information spread throughout the net to be indexed. That is why optimizing website content for search engine will bring you more and freer promotion. Make sure everything is set up for search engine. Your description and meta tags can ease your website be found by search engine crawler. Search engine use the two to place your website correctly for targeted visitors, this is what will bring your website in front of the crowd.

Engage on forums and blogs

Interact in forums where your audience is reachable. Share helpful responses to people’s inquiries, and if possible, put in a signature with your website on your profile. Remember not to spam, as you might be prohibited for doing so.

Distribute content or response that is informative to other people, it could be the something helpful that is most likely to be shared around by others to their friends, which is good for your viral promotion.

Engage in your own blog by respond visitors’ comment or leave meaningful comment on other website. This will give you relationship that is give positive effect for your website promotion for free.

Social Bookmarking

Share your website to social bookmarking sites. It will give instant publication to your website, adding more awareness for your website.

Email subscribers

Establishing constant traffic can be hard thing to do. This could be ease by collecting email address of your audience. By having it, you can send regular newsletter driving audience repeatedly to your website. Some email newsletter subscribers provide the service for free for some limitation such as mailchimp (limited to 5000 subscribers). This can be helpful for you to try. Read on foolproof for getting your first 1000 subscribers

Use Social Media Sites

Facebook, twitter, Stumbleupon, G+, Digg or Reddit is some of social media can be used for this reason. To make it effective, not to publish the same link to every site and not to share them all your links at once as this deemed spamming and will get your account suspended permanently fast.

Yahoo Answers

Yahoo Answers can assist you to get a lot of traffic by answering inquiries off their site. If your respond are selected as the best one your respond is shown right below the inquiries given. Similar to blog post, question pages can reach higher search rankings over time, if you include your website URL the end of each answer, you are going to receive flood of new audiences.

Classified Ads

Classified Ads are alternative source of promotion that often gets overlooked. A site such as Craigslist is perfect for sharing your site and informing audiences what your site is all about.

Traditional Word of Mouth Method

The last tips at this post are word of mouth. Inform people you encounter about your website. Include your website address into business cards and distribute it personally. Share flyers on hectic location or on store that related to your sites niche.

That are all strategies you can implement to promote your website for free. Before you apply these strategies, make sure you elaborate more about the specific subject. More research you do personally can be handy, and will also ease you finds exactly what you need to promote website for free.


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