Aim for Relationships not Links

Aim for relationship is a must when you are blogging. Want to know why?

Today is not the era of link spamming or keyword stuffing anymore, so it’s sad to witness the number of people that maintain the old methods attempting to gain results. Online marketing isn’t about putting your site link out to as many directories and websites as possible anymore. SEO has finally transformed into new form that bloggers can be proud of.

Ethical Methods Champ

Podcasts, landing pages, content marketing and search-engine-friendly content are some of the white-hat methods to improve our SEO this year. It’s not overnight process to climb your way top in the rankings, but that’s only because Google isn’t the kind of engine you can fool anymore. Search engines rank and index websites in smarter way today. Β If you want to climb up high, you don’t have to delve into black-hat methods and you don’t have to spam either. Having readable, informative and engaging content is more than enough to put you on top.

Relationships Turn Into Community

Making guest posts is a good step to start. Submit free content to other bloggers in relevant niches. Blog commenting is another step that is easier to make than the previous.

Many businesses or website owners don’t seem to aware that, even if you’re on top of Google, you are still need readers click your link, read and understand the value of your content for a conversion. By making and distributing quality content within your community, both sides will be able to reap the advantage of a shared community, a higher rank and more conversion to happen.

Interact in social media, write post with fellow bloggers and even effort to make videos with friends in your local territory. All websites is member of media industry. Deal with it that way by making unique, fresh and informative content. Don’t just live in blocks writing post after post, live a while and free the passion to earn relationships.

Aim for Relationships not Links

People loves being featured, being mentioned and earning incoming backlinks to their blog. However, links are great but links aren’t everything.

The word this year is to initiate highlighting on the online community. Instead of blogging to have bloggers link to your site and get mentions, you should be emphasizing on developing new relationships with businesses, website owners and other bloggers. You need to start contacts through the net and you need to be distributing and making content all around.

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Ready to Aim for Relationships?

Aim for relationships not links? I believe many will agree in term of blogging for success. But are there more ways to build relationships in blogging that are easy even for a newbie to try?


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