6 Online Business Advantages You Can Get if You Leave Comment on Other Blog

Leave a comment on other blog is the easiest way to get you noticed online. Do you now that there are 6 online business advantage you can get if you do that?

Comment is part of a blog. There must be a comment box plugins in your dashboard right? And I am sure many bloggers have enabled this plugins.

Even though I have to admit that some websites don’t enable their comment box. Many advantage of getting comment on your every blog post. But this time I would like to emphasize the outward-looking, on why you should put your comment out there.

There are several things you should bear in mind when you want to leave your comment on other blog. Don’t push yourself too hard. There are millions of blogs out there for you to comment, but patient, keep it easy, hold your temptation to put all of your comment on all of that blog in a relatively short of time, or you will making a spam comment unconsciously.

When you are flagged as a spam maker and Google notice you, it could be harm to your blog performance

So, you are going to need to invest your time for blog commenting. While you do that, let me deliver the 6 reasons why leave your comment is a big deal.

1. Generate Traffic

Leave your comment will not automatically give you a lot of traffic, it will give you more chance to get more traffic. How? You will let the other know that you are exist and you make it easy for others to take a look at your blog just by clicking the comment link.

Traffic is important for online business, and leave comment in another blog is a smart way to get your own traffic generation.

2. Self Promotion

Who doesn’t like publicity? Everyone like it right? So this is all about. You make a self-promotion from your comment, you can tell to other how good you catch the problem on a particular post that being discussed. You make your first impression that is important for your online presence.

Make sure your comment is relevant, value added, polite. If you miss all of the manners, your comment is just another spam comment. When people start to like what you have said they will encourage to take a visit at your blog. When that happen, they all yours.

3. Spread the Link

As I mention before about comment link. This is all about, leave comment is a healthy way to spread your blog link. As you may know, there is website URL available in comment box. This is a place where you can spread your link.

4. Give Opinion to Get Inspirations

Have you ever had a writer’s block? When you ever feel it, and you find it hard to overcome then do a blogwalking is a great options for refreshment. Take a break for  a while of your blogging business, visit other blog and see what they have written.

I know there is a lot of thing you want to say, because as a blogger you must have read a lot of information thus you want to speak more. So, give your opinion and believe me, you will get some inspirations from this activity.

5. Build Online Credibility

Online credibility is an important part for bloggers, moreover if you are an online entrepreneur. You can build your credibility from your comment on other blog.

Make a good impression of your presence in online business is important things to do particularly if you want to expand your online business into a higher level.

6. Have a Beneficial Relationship

Leave your comment as a mark of your visit is a positive initiative to start a relationship. You will get noticed by the blog owner and other reader. If you can manage this chance you will have more opportunity to take benefits from it. Let’s say you will have a chance for online blog interview, be a guest blogger, or maybe you can be the interviewee.

Do you know comment can be a social proof? Social proof is highly valuable sign of a blog. So a blog with a good interaction through comments will encourage more readers to stay longer.

If you can give social proof for free for other bloggers wouldn’t that be a great start for long-term online relationship? I believe it is.

That’s it for now. I know you enjoying much of your blog commenting experience, so … leave us some comment here to let other know what positive impact you have from leave your comment on other blog! 🙂


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