8 Practical Ways to Make Successful Blog

Many people use blog just for fun. The most common reasons for people to start a blog are personal diary, experience journal, sharing information, place to chat with closed groups or particular friends.

Whatever the reasons, blog can bring you benefits. In financial terms, a blog can bring you extra money if you manage it correctly. Who wouldn’t like it? We write what we likes and at the same time we can earn from doing it. In your way to realize it, you need to make successful blog, a blog that gets all it deserved.

How to make it happen? Here are 8 practical ways to make successful blog

1 Use Consistent URL. In making a blog, we should stick on certain URL. This mean, you must not change the blog URL. Once you change it, it will change every hard work you have put on it. Blog URL takes time to get indexed in search engine. It is not an easy job to get many of our blog URLs get indexed though, that is why, once we have noticed visitor from search engine, we should stick with the URLs. If we change it, we need to repeat all the process to make the URL get indexed, or in other words, to make the URLs popular again.

2 Choose the right topic. If we do what we love, success will come to us easily. When making a blog, this “mantra” also works. Don’t push yourself too hard to master “cooking” if you fall in love with “car machine”. Do all the efforts on something that we love will give us unlimited spirit to work hard.

3 Focus on making high quality content. As far as I know, blog post is free to consume. So can you imagine if each of your blog post is in high quality? Tell me, who will reject free, high quality products? Visitors will love your blog and do the favor to make it more popular.

4 Don’t forget to promote your blog. Invite as many visitors as you can to read your blog. Many ways you can invite people to come to your blog. You can start making a fanpage and develop traffic through it, you can start making content that get shared and linked to, or start commenting on other blogs. Never forget to promote it. The time you spend to promote your blog is worthy.

5 Develop your technical skills. Once you made a blog, develop your technical skills in managing a blog. Many things to learn namely CSS, HTML, etc. Never have in mind you don’t need to understand such matters. Blog is technology, and technology grow fast. If you reluctant to develop your technical skills you will abandoned far behind. Understanding technical skill can help you manage your blog better or even make it more appealing to visitors or modify it for your business purposes.

6 Do research and evaluate. Be eager to improve your blog quality. When you take a visit to other blogs, do a research, compare to your own. Absorb all the good things and evaluate what aspect can be applied to your blog. This practical habit will make your blog successful in future.

7 Keep moving forward. Once you have decided to blog, never think backward. Sometimes, reality is not too sweet though. For example, you have done all the promotion tips but still no one share your post and your daily traffic keeps you hopeless. Whatever happens, keep moving forward. Face the problems, do the step 6.

8 Dare to sacrifice. You need to sacrifice to get where you want to be. If you have decided to start a blog, be well to manage it. Give the time it deserve, focus on it, and realize your dream with your blog.

Above practical tips are quite commons that make most of us never realize it. As long as you have the tips in your habit, you are on the way to reach success with your blog. Keep the passion on and bookmark this post so you can always remember it and never give up facing your blogging problems. All the best.


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