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6 Basic Tips to Make Your Blog Popular Fast


Having a popular blog whether it aim to brand yourself or your business is crucial to develop your mission whatever it is. A popular blog will attract visitor to come and spend the time your blog need to deliver the value. Blogging, at its core, is about delivering something of value to the visitors.

If you just start a blog and wondering how to make it popular fast, stick on this 6 basic tips to make your blog popular and you will find proof soon or later.

Blog commenting

Blog commenting is an activity to deliver our comment toward a topic being discussed by a blog. It is not a secret anymore that blog commenting can attract reciprocal visit or referral visit as long as our comment leave valuable feedback to others. The genuine background of blog commenting is to establish networking among bloggers.

Try your best to leave valuable comment each time you do blog commenting. It is worthy effort if you want to make your blog popular. The best popularity is made by a great networking, in term of popular blog, blog commenting is a good start to do.

Distribute contents

In order to make your blog popular, you need to be proactive in many ways. Distribute your contents at anywhere possible. You can transform your post into video content and distribute it to youtube and dailymotion then earn the link juice. You can make power point and submit it to slideshare. If you only have an idea to write you can be a guest blogger in popular blogs that accepted such opportunity.

No matter how good the content you have provided in your blog, no one will come and enjoy it until you invite them to do so.

Buy advertising spot

If you have enough budget to make your blog popular, you can try this classic method, buy advertising spot. You need to find blogs that offers advertising spot so that you can take their offers. This is one of powerful methods to introduce you blogs because you can attract highly targeted readers.

Open a direct advertising spot is one of favorite ways for bloggers to make money online, so I bet you will not find any difficulties to find one to promote your blog. Unless you have huge budget, you should not aim mashable or techcrunch for advertising spot, try to aim bloggers that you think has the popularity you blog needs to help boost your own popularity.

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Join the group of social media

In today internet world, we can easily find groups in social media like facebook or linkedin that has the same interest with us. Join the group and connect with like-minded people easily, thus your blog will find popularity faster that it used to be five years ago.

Join the online forum and community

There are many reputable online forums today. You can opt in one of them and start networking with like-minded people in the niche. This way, you can easily find what hot products being released, what hot topics being discussed, and many more that you can use as ideas in making blog post and ask them to discuss in your blog.

Learn basic SEO and apply it in your blog

You cannot avoid SEO. At least you need to learn the basic like domain name, URL, long tail keywords, keyword phrase, and keyword research. Your knowledge in basic SEO can help you earn steady traffic from major search engine like Yahoo, Google or Bing.

The more post you blog get indexed by the search engines the better reach and popularity your blog can get from the audiences.

Ready to Make Your Blog Popular?

That’s all the 6 basic tips to make your blog popular. If you think there are many missing tips that can be added in the post, don’t be hesitate to add it on comments below.

What about you? What’s your best tip to make your blog popular? What have you done to make your blog attain what it has now?